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AP Exam and IB Diploma Results 2017
Our students continue to gain outstanding results that reflect both the quality of our teaching and learning, and their hard work and ambition.
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Welcome to ISZL, and welcome to one of the world’s leading international schools.  ISZL is a non-profit day school serving the international community of central Switzerland, primarily the cantons of Zug, Zurich and Luzern.
ISZL promotes a climate of respect, where outstanding teachers, encourage students to develop self-confidence, positive relationships and an enthusiastic approach to learning.

ISZL Zug Campus (Main Office) Early Years 1 - Grade 8

Walterswil 1

6340 Baar, Switzerland

Tel. +41 41 768 2900

ISZL Riverside Campus Grades 9 - 12

Rothusstrasse 4b

6331 Hünenberg, Switzerland

Tel. +41 41 768 2950

Admissions: admissions@iszl

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