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ISZL’s active and innovative community always has something happening on and off campus.
Our Multilingual Community
By Lorna Caputo, First Language and EAL Coordinator

Earlier this year families participated in the ISZL Language Survey. The purpose of the survey was to learn more about the language profiles of our families so that we could further strengthen our commitment to intercultural awareness and developing multilingualism. In this first article analysing the results we look at how language use in ISZL families compares to those in Switzerland. Please click the title to read more.

Serve to Learn, Learn to Serve
By Jessica Held, Grade 3 Teacher currently on a Community Service Sabbatical in Nepal

An essential element of the International Baccalaureate and of our teaching at ISZL is action, and this includes service learning. Teachers, as well as students, often engage in service learning, and one opportunity we offer to staff is the Community Service Sabbatical. You can read more about one teacher’s experience volunteering at NAG in Nepal by clicking the title.

Cultural Events and Celebrations in the Early Years
By Dr Michelle Hill, Assistant Principal of the Primary School

A year in an International School presents many opportunities for our students to share, explore and take part in cultural events and celebrations. At ISZL teachers embrace these opportunities for learning through the diversity provided by our own international community and also by creating links to the local Swiss community. To read more please click on the title.

Child Protection at ISZL
By Colin Walker, Director of Student Life

In the last four years ISZL has made significant advances in the area of child protection. It is of great importance to the entire community – students, staff and parents – that our child protection procedures function well, and we have various training programmes and reporting systems to support it.  To read more about how ISZL leads in the area of child protection please click the title.

Collaboration and Innovation in Teaching
By Anita Skaber Lee, Primary School German Teacher

Collaboration enables teachers to share best practice and learn from each other, ultimately increasing student learning and achievement. Professional Learning Communities, such as those practised at ISZL, are a powerful tool in education and school reform leading to growth for teachers and students. You can read more about the power of collaboration by clicking the title.

ISZL Holiday Camps 2018/19
By Colin Walker, Director of Student Life

Some of our community members may have already noticed that the information about this year’s Holiday Activity Camps has now been published live on our website. This will be the eleventh year that our ISZL Holiday Activity Camps have been in operation and the first one will be the February Ski and Snowboard Camp. Booking is now open so do not miss out! Click the title to find out more.

Culture and Global Citizenship
By Barry Dequanne, Director of ISZL

As we review our school's mission, vision, values and learning principles, an important focus area is that of our culture and how it relates to global citizenship. Our staff and students represent more than 60 different nationalities and the school offers 25 language courses making ISZL a truly international community. To what degree, then, does the concept of global citizenship define us? Click the title to read more.

Being A Good Neighbour
By Mark Newman, Physical and Health Education Teacher and Trip Leader

For the last 4 years, ISZL students have spent their Personal Development Week helping with the extraordinary work of People and Gardens in the UK. This organisation assists people with learning disabilities and mental health issues, and volunteering there gives our students incredible opportunities to make a difference whilst they themselves grow and develop. Click the title to read on.

Inspiring Mathematical Thinking
By Elizabeth Jewitt and the Middle School Mathematics Department

In September we ran an event in the Middle School called Inspiring Mathematical Thinking. The three-day programme focused the students’ minds on a wide variety of mathematical ideas, ranging from the mathematical methods underlying card tricks to the fascinating world of unsolved problems. Please click on the title to read more.

The Eagle Experience

As a leading international school, ISZL prides itself on its innovative and highly qualified teachers, world-class facilities, warm and welcoming community and service-oriented culture.