ISZL Leadership Team

The ISZL Leadership Team is comprised of 10 members – each representing different divisions or departments within the school. It consists of the School Director, Divisional Principals (Primary, Middle and High Schools), the Director of Student Life (who substitutes for the Director in his absence), the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Director of Educational Technology, the Director of Community Relations, the Finance Director and the Director of Management Information Systems. The Team meets every two weeks and is tasked with ensuring the smooth day-to-day operation of the school, and effective implementation of ISZL policy. In addition, agenda items regularly cover possible plans for the future based on advances in education, new thinking in education or technology-related improvements to enhance teaching and learning at ISZL. The team’s diverse background leads to multiple perspectives on agenda items to ensure that balanced discussions can take place and effective decisions made.

The ISZL Leadership Team operates in a collaborative and collegial way.
Every second meeting the Leadership Team is joined by the divisional Assistant Principals – referred to as the Extended Leadership Team. Minutes are taken and circulated after each Leadership and Extended Leadership meeting. These minutes, in so far as is possible are also made available to staff at ISZL.

Learn more about our Leadership Team Members.

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