ISZL Leadership Team

The ISZL Leadership Team is comprised of 10 members – each representing different divisions or departments within the school. It consists of the School Director, Divisional Principals (Primary, Middle and High Schools), the Director of Student Life (who substitutes for the Director in his absence), the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Director of Educational Technology, the Director of Community Relations, the Finance Director and the Director of Management Information Systems.

The Team meets every two weeks and is tasked with ensuring the smooth day-to-day operation of the school, and effective implementation of ISZL policy. In addition, agenda items regularly cover possible plans for the future based on advances in education, new thinking in education or technology-related improvements to enhance teaching and learning at ISZL. The team’s diverse background leads to multiple perspectives on agenda items to ensure that balanced discussions can take place and effective decisions made.

The ISZL Leadership Team operates in a collaborative and collegial way.
Every second meeting the Leadership Team is joined by the divisional Assistant Principals – referred to as the Extended Leadership Team. Minutes are taken and circulated after each Leadership and Extended Leadership meeting. These minutes, in so far as is possible are also made available to staff at ISZL.


Leadership Team Members

School Director

Barry Dequanne
joined ISZL during the Summer of 2017. A complete biography is coming soon.
Director of Management Information Systems

Brant Davidson is a US citizen with 2 children at the school and has been employed at ISZL since 2009. He has almost 20 years experience in IT at International Schools with expertise in infrastructure, systems, and IT planning. Brant has designed, implemented and managed IT projects at other large international schools in Europe. He has been invited to speak as an expert on IT in Schools at various conferences in Europe and North America. Brant has also worked in law enforcement in the US as well as being an engineer in the US Army.
Principal of the Middle School

Daniel Hamilton is a British citizen and his two sons have graduated from ISZL. In 2000 he joined the community as ISZL’s first Middle School Principal. Prior to joining the school, Danny worked at the International School of Düsseldorf and at the Yokohama International School where he taught IB Physics for many years as well as maths and general science. After graduating from the University of Glasgow he spent 3 years in the electronic engineering sector before returning to studies to become a teacher.
Business Director

Urs Kappeler is Swiss citizen and grew up in the Canton of Zug. Urs had his first contact with ISZL as an external HR and Insurance Consultant in 1997. In 2005 he became the first Business Director of ISZL with responsibilities in HR and Finance. With the schools continuous growth this function has changed from a “one-man-show” to directing and leading a team who serve the needs of the ISZL community. His wide experience with degrees in sales, administration, social security, transportation and accounting, and his long standing relationship with the local government, help him to manage this demanding function. Urs has 2 daughters who attend Swiss school.
Director of Teaching and Learning

Jacob Martin is a British citizen, born in Hong Kong, he has an international background growing up in China, the Soviet Union and Portugal. He has a Chemistry Degree from the University of Bristol and a teaching qualification from Kings College in London as well as International leadership qualifications from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Jacob has taught students from ages 8-18 including the UK national curriculum, iGCSE, A-Levels, MYP and DP programmes. He began as a volunteer teacher in Nepal but has also taught in the UK, Asia and Europe joining ISZL in 2014. Jacob’s wife teaches mathematics at ISZL and he has two children at the school.
Director of Community Relations

Laura Schoepfer has been a member of the ISZL community for the past 18 years, originally as a parent of three children attending ISZL and since 2006 as a member of staff. A British citizen, married to a Swiss national, Laura started her career in the Human Resources Management in London and subsequently moved internationally, with time spent in Kuala Lumpur, Vienna and Hong Kong. As Director of Community Relations, her areas of responsibility include Admissions, Fundraising, Communications, Alumni, Marketing, Community Events and Corporate Relations.
Head of Zug Campus and Primary School Principal

Meryl Siggs is an Australian citizen whose professional career as an educator spans more than 25 years. Over the past 15 years she has served as a Principal and Assistant Principal in IB schools in Australia and China, before her appointment to ISZL as Head of Zug Campus in 2009. Having graduated from Griffith University in Queensland, Meryl holds a Bachelor of Teaching, Bachelor of Education and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and she is currently completing a Master's in Positive Psychology and Psychology Coaching to deepen her understanding around mindfulness practices. Meryl’s 2 adult sons currently live and work on the Gold Coast of Australia.
Director of Educational Technology

Chris Vincent is an Australian citizen, born in Tasmania. After graduating from the University of Tasmania with a major in Computer Science and Mathematics, he completed Post Graduate studies in Robotics and Education and also holds a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. Chris has worked in international education for over 25 years and has taught students from the age of 12 – 18 in a variety of curricula including IGCSE, A-Levels, US Diploma and the IB Middle Years and Diploma programmes. Prior to joining ISZL in 2011, Chris and his wife Dina, who works in the High School, worked in Singapore, The Netherlands and Vietnam. Chris’ youngest son is studying at ISZL while his two elder boys have graduated from international schools and are now living in Australia.
Director of Student Life

Colin Walker is a British citizen who moved to Switzerland to work at The Riverside School in 1994, after an initial teaching career in English state schools. Colin graduated from Newcastle upon Tyne University and holds an Honours Degree in Metallurgy and an Master's Degree in International Education Management. He has taught Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Education and Science at Middle School and High School levels. His background as a former international athlete led him to spending a number of years as an international school Athletic Director and he has also held international school positions as Dean of Students and Head of Middle School. Colin’s 2 children graduated from ISZL.
Head of Riverside Campus and High School Prinicipal

Edward Wexler is a US citizen who has been serving students and families for the past twenty years. A native New Yorker, Eddie earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and a Master’s Degree in Educational Policy and Evaluation from the University of California, Berkeley. Eddie began his teaching career in the US before becoming a Principal of three different international schools, having led high schools in Nepal, Ecuador and Abu Dhabi. Eddie joined the ISZL community in 2017 along with his wife, an ISZL Middle School Teacher and their two children.




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