Sponsorship Opportunities for Businesses

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring ISZL! Below you will find several opportunities to promote your business and support our Fund for Excellence. For additional information or questions about sponsoring, please contact fundraising(at)iszl.ch.

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Donate an Item

Donated items will be used by the school including as prizes for auctions, raffles, etc. Any income from these auctions, raffles, etc. will be used to support the Fund for Excellence. When you donate an item, your business will be listed as an official school sponsor on our website for one year and in our annual publications.


Give in Cash

Gifts in cash will be used to support the overall operation of our fundraising events - the ISZL Gala and Golf Invitational. It is because of sponsorship support that we can make these events possible. When you give in cash, your business will be noted as an event sponsor, listed as an official school sponsor on our website for one year and in our annual publications.


Place an Advert

Expose your business to our international community. All advertisements are published in the printed and electronic versions of the ISZL Gala catalogue.

Back cover
CHF 750   -   Booked
Inside cover - front
CHF 600   -   Booked
Inside cover - back
CHF 600   -   Booked
1/1 page high second-to-last page         
CHF 500   -   Booked
1/1 page high 
CHF 400   -   Booked
1/2 page wide
CHF 250   -   Booked

 * 8% VAT included


Additional details and information

Why sponsor ISZL

As the number one international school in central Switzerland, we serve a large portion of local international businesses and connect with much of the expat community in the area. When you give to ISZL, all our community members will see your sponsorship. Sponsoring our school is a great way to engage with the international community and support education at ISZL.


What your support means

As a registered not-for-profit (VAT Number: CHE-107.327.678 MWST), your sponsorship will support the Fund for Excellence and in turn will fund unique learning experiences for our students that fall outside of the annual operating budget thus enhancing their learning environment.

About our Gala

The ISZL Gala is an annual fundraising and social event for our school’s annual giving programme Fund for Excellence. Each year over 200 members from our thriving international community (parents, faculty/staff members, and friends of ISZL) attend this black-tie evening. The ISZL Gala is a very popular event that includes an apéro, dinner, entertainment, dancing, and live and silent auctions.

How to Sponsor






Fundraising Goals

CHF40,000 from community members

CHF60,000 from ISZL Gala 2017 Incredible India

CHF3,000 from ISZL Golf Invitational 2017

Visit the FFE website and our Facebook page for regular updates on what projects are being newly funded thanks to contributions to the FFE.

Email development(at)iszl.ch with questions.


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