ISZL Mission and Philosophy


The International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL) provides a high quality Early Years to Grade 12 international education to day students resident in the Cantons of central Switzerland.

Respect. Motivate. Achieve.

ISZL promotes a climate of respect, where outstanding teachers encourage students to develop self-confidence, positive relationships, and an enthusiastic approach to learning.

ISZL is committed to excellence in education through a balanced academic programme. Students at ISZL share responsibility for their own learning in a caring and stimulating environment designed to promote achievement.

The ISZL Experience

ISZL is the foundation of a world-class learning community that offers an exceptional educational experience and builds a comfortable, engaging environment for students and their families. It is a stable and rooted, multicultural community that provides students and families a warm, inspiring and vibrant place to call home and one that encourages engagement and creates a strong sense of place.

What We Do

We educate children. Everything we do is tailored to make the learning experience exceptional for each student. ISZL connects students to the greater world around them – through the classroom and curriculum, through community and service programmes, through the international cultures representing our community, and through hands-on learning both in the classroom and around the globe.

We prepare students for university and a life after ISZL. We are dedicated to helping children reach their highest level of success as global citizens of the world. We offer a balanced educational programme (academic and pastoral) producing creative problem solvers, life-long learners, and engaged, rounded students while still emphasising subject proficiency and preparing students well for university.

As a world-class, professional organisation, ISZL has become a leading international school in a short period of time thanks to a leadership team, staff and community who are dynamic and adapt to change positively yet rely on and develop best practices that have led to great student success. Each year, ISZL builds upon its accomplishments by improving its facilities, communications, community-building events and academic achievements (individually and collectively).

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