Arts and Music

We see the learning experience at ISZL as challenging, inspiring and rewarding. Our Visual and Performing Arts Programmes provide a foundation for imagination and encourage students to take risks in their creative expressions and artistic endeavours. Visitors to the ISZL art studios, music rooms and theatres will find students whose personal investment in pursuing a mastery of skill is evident in the purposeful atmosphere sustained in these classes. They will find teachers and students passionately engaged with music, drama and the visual arts, bound by their love of practice in these disciplines. Not that any creative journey is easy. Learning in the arts often takes place outside of an individual’s comfort zone, and challenge, risk taking and occasional frustrations are guaranteed alongside the joy and wonder of creating new works.

The creative accomplishments of ISZL students are both visibly grand and subtle. The obvious public achievements – a beautifully played piano sonata at an IB concert, a dramatic moment in the theatre that grips the audience, or one of the many student art exhibitions – are indicative of our programmes’ success. But it can be easy to miss the daily individual breakthroughs students achieve as they develop creative skills and deepen their understanding of, and personal connection with, the world at large.

Our students are developing into cultured 21st century citizens. An education in the arts helps students learn to identify, appreciate and participate in the traditional art forms of their own communities. As students imagine, create and reflect they are developing both the verbal and the non-verbal abilities necessary for school progress. Students of the arts learn to respect others’ (often very different) ways of thinking, working, and expressing themselves, and to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a variety of modes, giving them a vastly more powerful repertoire of self-expression. It is with pride that we think our Visual and Performing Arts Programmes can shape students into informed citizens and skilful producers and champions of culture.

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