Holiday Camps

A programme of holiday activity camps is offered at ISZL for those children who remain in the area during the school holidays. Activity camps take place at the school campuses and at our Outdoor Education Centre in Wengen. Some camps are athletics-based while others focus on language development or academic study.

During the academic year, ISZL typically offers a camp during February (Ski week) holiday and during the summers.  The February Ski and Snowboard Activity Camp that takes place in Wengen is always popular for students that want to learn to ski or snowboard in the fantastic setting of the Swiss Alps.

During the summers, ISZL offers a wide range of activity camps typically taking place at the end of June and in mid-August. The end of June is the period when ISZL offers numerous outdoor activity camps and art and nature camps in the local area and at the Outdoor Education Centre. In August, music, drama and language activity camps are offered for those children with interests in these areas or those that want to further develop the basics of their English to feel more confident during the school year.

Detailed information about all ISZL holiday activity camps and links to the registration pages are found in the Students Activities page of the Parent Portal.

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