Our School Community

ISZL is a thriving and connected learning community where your child and family will experience a sense of belonging, through friendship and the joy of working, playing and learning together. 

Despite the academic rigour, our campuses and community culture provides a comfortable, relaxed and casual environment for not only our students, but the entire family. Many of our students say they have never felt more comfortable anywhere in their lives.

Our goal is to provide a "home away from home" for residents that are both new to Switzerland and those that have made the area their long-term residence. ISZL actively supports students, families and staff in their transition to a new life in Switzerland. Likewise, upon leaving ISZL, you can be assured that our excellent academic programmes will enable your child to transition easily to other high performing schools around the world.

Our community members are proactively engaged with high levels of dialogue, interaction and collaboration. Those new to the school bring an influx of fresh ideas and traditions that makes for new, diverse and fascinating cultural exchanges. Events and projects are often team efforts with members working together in fun, creative and innovative ways.

We look forward to welcoming your family into our vibrant community!

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