Making a Difference

ISZL aims to prepare its students for an active life of responsible world citizenship. For this reason community service is a key part of the curriculum. Students engage in numerous and wide-ranging service projects from fundraising activities to involvement with local and international service agencies. Students gain insight into the problems faced by others less fortunate and the satisfaction of knowing that they may have made a difference by giving their time, energy and sometimes financial support.

Global Reach

ISZL's charity efforts around the world (2015-16 partnering organisations).

All School Principal Charity


The Home of New Hopes, or Nawa Asha Griha (NAG) organisation in Nepal is ISZL’s principal, whole school charity that provides shelter and free education to under privileged street children in Kathmandu, Nepal. This has been the main charity of ISZL for many years and we are proud that we have given so much help and hope to children who would otherwise have little. Through a sponsored run in September, book fortnight activities, craft fairs, art sales and many small-scale initiatives, students at ISZL have raised over CHF 34,000 for NAG in 2014-15 alone, which went towards the construction of new classrooms and the training of nursing staff at their schools. During Personal Development Week in September most years, a group of High School students travel to Nepal to visit some of the NAG facilities, help with developments and join in the activities with the children.

NAG efforts help over 200 children contribute to society and better their lives in the process. Furthermore, they support an additional 350 children in various local government schools. 

To find out more about NAG please visit:

All School Local Charity


KidsHeart has been an official ISZL charity for two years, and it has already found a very special place in the hearts of our children. Until this year, KidsHeart has been the official charity of Zug Campus Primary School, but from this year onwards it will be the official local charity for all divisions of ISZL. The aim of KidsHeart is to provide defibrillation equipment to all schools in Switzerland. That’s a very big goal, but if the motivation of our students has anything to do with it, they will certainly achieve that goal. To find out more about the KidsHeart Foundation, visit


All School European Charity

The Cedar Foundation

The Cedar Foundation is a charitable organisation in Bulgaria, whose aim is to improve the lives of large numbers of orphans. Giving disadvantaged people in Bulgaria a better quality of life, the foundation supports orphanages that would otherwise be unable to meet the needs of the children they accommodate, and works with the authorities to find family-based care for these children, rather than institutionalised facilities. Through festive shops, imaginative coin collections and other small-scale initiatives, CHF 14,000 has been raised for The Cedar Foundation in 2014-15. School initiatives raise awareness of the charity locally, raise funds for the organisation, and the active component of the joint Middle/High School student trip to Bulgaria creates a real integration of ISZL with The Cedar Foundation.

High School Charity

Annual PDW Charities

High School students in Grades 11 and 12 participate in Personal Development Week (PDW) trips each September that are designed to support specific communities around the world that need assistance. The work with some organisations involves service activities that safeguard our environment, such as the work with Archelon in Greece where students assist with rescue work and animal care at a turtle sanctuary. Other PDWs actively integrate the students with organisations helping deprived communities, such as schools in Nepal, Eastern Europe and Africa. Fundraising is necessary for all these PDW trips so that the students can actively carry out their service initiatives.

Zug Campus Charity

Kids of Africa

Kids of Africa is a charitable organisation that provides care for deprived children in Uganda. Our Middle School students work hard to raise awareness of this charity and to fundraise for them. Students collaborate with the International Mothers and Kids Community Group of Zug on clothing sale initiatives, as well as a number of other initiatives to provide aid and assistance to this important organisation.

This year a group of High School students are travelling to Ghana again during the Personal Development Week in September to provide service and assistance to the Kokrobite Chiltern Centre.


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