Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline for application?

No, as we have a rolling admissions policy. We strongly suggest, however, that applications be completed by February of the year of entry in order to avoid waiting lists.

Does my child have to join ISZL on a specific date, for example the beginning of the school year?

No. Provided we have space available, your child can begin school as soon as the admissions process is completed and a place has been offered. We prefer, however that students enter the school at the start of a semester.

Who attends ISZL?

Students from the major English speaking countries account for 50 percent of our student body. The other 50 percent of students come from all over the world.  We have over 50 different nationalities represented in our student body.

How many students attend ISZL?

We have approximately 1,250 students. Our Primary and Middle School (EY1 - Grade 8) is home to approximately 870 students and our High School is home to approximately 380 students.

What is the average length of stay?

The average time a student attends ISZL is between three and five years, but many are at ISZL for their whole education. Approximately 20 percent of our students leave at the end of each school year, and at the start of school each August, we often welcome as many as 200 new students.

Where do ISZL teachers come from?

Our teachers come from a wide range of schools around the world.They represent 23 different nationalities with approximately 43 percent holding UK citizenship and 21 percent holding US/Canadian citizenship.

Is my child required to take an entrance exam?

ISZL does not require students to take a formal entrance exam. However, students applying to Grade 8 and above and whose first language is not English are required to take an English assessment. Prospective High School students may be asked to take a placement test/s (Maths, English, foreign languages) in order to ensure that they are placed in the appropriate class level.

How will my non-English-speaking child manage in an English-speaking school?

ISZL offers a learning environment that enables students, whose primary language is not English, to acquire the social and academic language needed to participate fully in all aspects of school life and to reach their maximum potential.

ISZL offers comprehensive English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme throughout the school. Support is provided through a combination of withdrawal (small group instruction with a specialist teacher) and inclusion (additional support in the mainstream class).  Students are assessed on entry and then on an on-going basis until they reach the required level to exit the programme.

My child has specific learning support needs. How do I know whether these will be met?

Through our Learning Support Department we are able to offer support to students with diagnosed mild to moderate  learning disabilities. For more information regarding the Learning Support Program please see Student Success and Support

How does ISZL help with the transition of new students?

Because we welcome many new families every year, the administration, faculty, parents and students at ISZL put a great deal of time, planning and thought into the ways we can help families to become a part of our community.

The Parents Association holds sessions that allow new families to meet each other and to connect with existing ISZL families; these sessions also introduce families to Swiss life and explain how parents can become involved at school.

At the beginning of the academic year, each campus holds new student orientation days to help new students become acquainted with their teachers and the school building. But arguably, our greatest "transition team" is our student body who naturally reach out to make new students feel welcome. Within only a week or two, new arrivals begin to feel at home.

How long is the school day?

Primary/Middle School Students - School starts at 08:50 and ends at 15:30. High School Students - School starts at 08:40 and ends at 16:00.

How does my child get to and from school?

Primary/Middle School Students

Some parents drive their children to school themselves, others use our comprehensive school bus service.

High School Students

The majority of our students take public transport. The public bus (numbers 8 & 51) stops outside the school and the journey to Cham/Rotkreuz train station takes approximately 10 minutes. There is a shuttle bus service from the Zug Campus to the High School.

Is it safe for my child to take public transport to school?

Switzerland offers a safe, clean, reliable public transport system. The majority of our High School students and some of our Middle School students, use the public transport system.

Is there a lunch programme at the school or does my child need to provide their own lunchtime meal?

There is a lunch programme at school offering daily hot meals. However, your child can also bring his or her own food from home.

Please Note - Hot Lunches are not available for EY1 and EY2 at Zug Campus.

Is there a school uniform?

No. There is no school uniform, however, students are requested to dress respectfully at school.

Please can I read the High School Profile

Click here to download the profile.

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