Tuition & Fees

Registration Fees for the 2017-18 Academic Year

In the written offer of a place, the school will request a non-refundable registration fee, per student. Upon receipt a place will be guaranteed at our school. The registration fee is a one off payment and will not be off-set against the tuition fee.

Starting in EY1 (one time) CHF   2'000.--
Starting in EY2 (one time)
 CHF   3'000.--
Starting in Kindergarten or above (one time) CHF   5'000.--

Annual Tuition Fees

EY1  (mornings only)    
 CHF 15'100.--
EY1  (full time)  CHF 23'700.--
EY2 (mornings only) CHF 15'300.--
EY2 (full time) CHF 25'200.--
Kindergarten to Fifth Grade CHF 29'300.--
Sixth to Eighth Grade CHF 32'300.--
Ninth to Tenth Grade CHF 34'400.--
Eleventh to Twelfth Grade CHF 34'900.--
Extra English (EAL) CHF   2'000.--


Click HERE to download the Enrolment and Fees Payment Policy Form 2017-18



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