Learning at ISZL

The ISZL educational experience is planned to meet the individual learning needs of our students and is intended to be a continual journey of self-discovery and development from Early Years 1 to Grade 12. We believe that small teaching groups working in a supportive, encouraging and challenging learning environment can make a difference. Exhibiting positive attitudes and self-confidence – students at ISZL are developing into the next generation of leaders and change-makers.

Academic and Pastoral Curriculums

ISZL places equal importance upon the academic and pastoral programmes for students. Not only providing an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence and success, but well-rounded character and social skills, our programmes encourage critical thinking, compassion for others and a risk-taking approach to learning and living.

Learning through an inquiry-driven curriculum, our close-knit community of students are set up to not only be academically successful but to develop the skills and be prepared for the demands, opportunities and challenges of a 21st century society. We guide students to reach their potential and achieve distinction in all aspects of their lives, not just in the classroom.

The rigorous academic curriculum both challenges and prepares students for the future and their next stage in education. Our interdisciplinary units in the primary divisions encourage students to make critical links between subject areas. Low student-to-teacher classroom ratios help create an environment that allows in-depth study and individual attention. In the middle and upper grades, the academic programmes foster an atmosphere that encourages independence, self-inquiry and self-reliance.

The pastoral programme ensures that students develop social and emotional skills and attitudes that positively impact learning and growth. These skills and attitudes can be gained in both classroom experiences through Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) lessons as well as through field trips, after school engagements in athletics and clubs, and leadership opportunities. These experiences positively impact students’ academic growth and development by providing them with rich experiences and opportunities to build resilience, perseverance and confidence.

ISZL teachers and staff purposefully organise both academic and pastoral learning experiences to ensure a strong continuum that incorporates educational goals and strategies (ISZL Strands and Learner Outcomes) and academic programme (International Baccalaurate and Advanced Placement – See Academic Programmes section) elements.

The ISZL curriculum is a dynamic, progressive programme that evolves as ideas change, as our teachers learn and collaborate across the school and globe, and as we monitor our achievements. ISZL teachers and academic coordinators observe and update the curriculum, teaching methodologies and class content on a regular basis using a collaborative and reflective process to improve the learning experience.

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