Your ISZL community outside of Switzerland

ISZL’s community extends beyond Switzerland through those alumni who represent the school at their university or in their area of the world as Global Ambassadors.


ISZL Global Ambassadors

Our ambassadors serve as contacts for students considering their next steps after ISZL and for those moving to a new area of the world. Transitioning into a new phase of life can be hard enough and we hope that connecting with our ambassadors will help ease the transition.

Students can ask ambassadors questions about what it’s like attending university and get answers to help them decide where to attend. Once enrolled, ambassadors will be there to welcome recent ISZL grads to their new school.

Families, parents and other alumni moving to or living in certain areas can contact their area ambassador for info about their soon-to-be new home or even to organise an area alumni event.

For ambassador contact details, please contact alumni(at)



PhotoShanghai, China - Jo-Anna Wagenaar-Kornegoor, Alumna Parent

There is an endless array of sites, resources and groups that will help you settle in China as quickly as possible. I am sure that if you have children in school, you'll be welcomed with lots of information. Just some advice: don’t underestimate the language and cultural barriers! Start learning some Mandarin as soon as you can. Like anywhere in the world, people respond positively to a simple "good morning" in their own language. Chinese are not always the smiling kind of people but given a smile, they'll smile back. Never hesitate to contact me for more info on particular subjects: schools, activities, clubs for both children and adults, leisure possibilities, what to bring in your shipment, what to expect, etc. Shanghai and China are very interesting and exciting places to live. Take it one step at a time and the city will be yours to enjoy!

Singapore and Bath, UK – Jeremy Pluess '15, ISZL

Currently, Jeremy is attending the National University of Singapore on a study year abroad. “Living in a large and vibrant city is certainly a change for me”, he reveals, “but being able to explore such an interesting, diverse culture is amazing opportunity I could not turn down.” Jeremy is more than happy to answer any questions about Singapore, whether they concern university life or even just a restaurant recommendation.

In summer 2018, Jeremy will return to the University of Bath for one more year to earn a degree in Physics. In Bath, he was an active member of the Physics Society and enjoyed playing Futsal and Interdepartmental Football. Jeremy suggests that, "future student apply as early as possible for accommodation as the best places fill quickly!"




Melbourne, Australia - Laurie-Ann Hitchcock '16, ISZL

Laurie-Ann is studying Early Years Education at Victoria University. She shares that, "as part of the course we go into nursery schools five times for a minimum of three weeks in each, prior to being qualified. This allows not only for an insight into childcare, but gives us work and future job opportunities after we have qualified. Many students get their first job and casual jobs from the centers we work in during our course."

Laurie-Ann is happy to help with providing information about Melbourne's universities, university in general and about moving, living, and traveling in Melbourne.

When she's not at Uni, Laurie-Ann works part-time in after school care for Camp Australia, which is aimed at looking after primary school children in their school environment by playing games, supporting them with their homework and giving them down time to do what they wish.



PhotoLoughborough, UK – Alistair Smorthit ‘14, ISZL

Alistair took a gap year to travel and work and is now is studying International Business at Loughborough University. This coming year, he will be doing an internship off campus, but is still available to answer your questions. Alistair has already competed for the Business School in volleyball and ultimate frisbee as well as for his hall in squash. If you plan to come to Loughborough, Alistair suggests to “get catered in your first year even if you like cooking.  The meals are good and all flats have a kitchen with toasters and microwaves. So even if you need to cook you can and there are shops on campus for last minute buys (but be aware they are expensive). This just takes a lot of pressure off you and gives you more time.”

Alumni AmbassadorCanterbury, UK – Joanne Entzinger ‘13, ISZL

Joanne studies English and American Literature with Creative Writing at University of Kent and is also the choreographer and teacher for Kent Dance. Her tip if you are thinking to attend Kent: Joining a society or sports team is honestly the best way to meet people and become involved. Kent has such a huge variety of societies to choose from!

Ambassador photoBath, UK and Singapore – Jeremy Pluess '15, ISZL

Currently, Jeremy is attending the National University of Singapore on a study year abroad. “Living in a large and vibrant city is certainly a change for me”, he reveals, “but being able to explore such an interesting, diverse culture is amazing opportunity I could not turn down.” Jeremy is more than happy to answer any questions about Singapore, whether they concern university life or even just a restaurant recommendation.

In summer 2018, Jeremy will return to the University of Bath for one more year to earn a degree in Physics. In Bath, he was an active member of the Physics Society and enjoyed playing Futsal and Interdepartmental Football. Jeremy suggests that, "future student apply as early as possible for accommodation as the best places fill quickly!"

PhotoLondon, UK – Rob Stehrenberger ‘15, ISZL

After graduation from ISZL, Rob took a gap year to work as a nanny for five months in Switzerland before moving to Prague, Czech Republic. There he's earning his TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification from Smaller Earth/Hello Academics before taking a summer trip traveling all around Europe. Rob is now studying history at SOAS, University of London. He'd be happy to offer advice about university admissions, making the most of a gap year, how to fund travel on a budget, and how to navigate Swiss military service.


Bath, UK - Eszter Kovács '16, ISZL

Eszter's physics course at the University of Bath includes a professional placement. She's an active member of the Latin and Ballroom Dance Clubs, Board Game Society and Physics Society. Next year she will be a peer mentor and a part of the fresher's week crew.



Bristol, UK - Callum Thompson '16, ISZL

Callum attends Hartpury College to earn a degree from the University of West England in Sport and Exercise Sciences. He plays for the university's rugby academy as well as a local team, that is currently in the National League 3 South West rugby division, called Lydney RFC. Adding to this, Callum has made appearances for the Switzerland U20 rugby team.

Ambassador photoYork, UK - Helaina Elardo ‘14, ISZL

Besides studying Education, Helaina keeps busy at University of York as part of the women’s volleyball team and the Education Society. If you attend York, you’ll have to pick a college to be a part of when applying for accommodation. Helaina says, “Every college has a bar and great atmosphere, but Goodricke is definitely the best! When picking a college don’t worry about the distance it is from your department because everything on campus is very easy to get to at there is a free bus between campuses that run frequently.” Next year she will be going to University of Cambridge to complete her PGCE and Masters degree.

Ambassador photoBirmingham, UK – Eleanor Peel ‘14, ISZL

Eleanor attends the University of Birmingham and studies Chemical Engineering with Industrial Experience. She’s in the Development Equestrian team, part of Engineers without Borders (EWB) and a member of BUCES (Birmingham University Chemical Engineering Society) - one of the best department societies. She is currently finishing her year in industry working for Roche in Basel and will be finished in July 2017. She really likes the university's campus, which is so beautiful with its iconic clock tower. The University has recently built two new buildings, a new library and a new gym, making the facilities available at the University of Birmingham outstanding.

Groningen, Netherlands - Chris Williamson '16, ISZL

Studying Marketing Management at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, the Netherlands. Chris is also competing for an athletics club here that is the biggest student athletics organization in the Netherlands. He can answer any questions about student life, the city in general and logistical questions.

Groningen, Netherlands - Anni Wiehn '16, ISZL

Studying International Business & Management at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, in Groningen, the Netherlands. She is part of ACLO, which is sports club linked with the university where every student is welcome to join any of the sports offered. For example, labooca (dancing), bodyfit and circuittraining.

St. Andrews, UK – Asavari (Sava) Mehra ‘15, ISZL

Sava is studying Philosophy and Classics while a member of the Carnegie Club as well as the Law Society at University of St. Andrews. Sava finds that “St Andrews is ultimately a university town and an extremely vibrant place. One of the things that makes St Andrews unique is that various elements of the student culture are fuelled by the historic traditions we maintain. The “diverse yet at the same time intimate student body” is also something Sava identified as special as it was “something which made it easy to feel at home here.”

Milan, Italy - Clara Rezk '16, ISZL

Studying Medicine at Humanitas University and can answer questions about admissions tests and medical applications.

Alumni AmbassadorStirling, UK - Yaron Hubin-Plimmer ‘13, ISZL

While studying Politics, History and Religion, Yaron is also involved with the Stirling University Futsal Team, Stirling Wolves Ice Hockey Team and Politics Forums. If you’re thinking about attending Stirling, Yaron recommends joining the Facebook Freshers group to meet people and keep up to date with the many social events on campus. It also serves as a forum for people to post any questions or comments about their university experiences. Once you get to Stirling, Yaron says you should search for your university accommodation group on Facebook as this is a great way to meet your flat mates in advance. Attending the Freshers fairs means lots of freebies, free pizza and for a chance to explore the many opportunities like clubs, societies and sports, University of Stirling and its immediate surrounding has to offer. The Starbucks (The Underground) on campus is comfortable, but also be sure to explore the coffee shops, pubs, and shops in town. Yaron's last piece of advice: Keep in mind that everyone is nervous when first attending university. Don’t be shy, do introduce yourself and be sure to have fun. Not only is university a chance to study what you are passionate about, but a time to have fun and meet new people!

Sussex, UK - Tom Mackinnon '16, ISZL

Studying Marketing and Management at University of Sussex and is part of the Sussex Snow Society. Tom is happy to answer questions about anything or help you get in touch with someone who might know the answer if he doesn't.

PhotoUtrecht, Netherlands – Sophia Endert '14, ISZL

Sophia is studying psychology and religion while being involved in the performing arts at University College Utrecht. She is the vocal coach for the choir, performs at open mic events, festivals, concerts and more. Besides all that, Sophia watches after children on a weekly basis and will be part of the Harry Potter musical this year. If you’d like to attend her university, Sophia suggests getting involved in a committee. “It is so much fun and you'll most likely perform at least once if you do acting/singing/dancing.” Also, Thursday nights are the nights to go out in Holland as most students go home to their parents over the weekends.

Ambassador photoReading, UK – Jack Mackinnon ‘14, ISZL

Jack keeps busy by studying International Management and Business Administration with Italian at University of Reading and has studied at Venice Ca Foscari in Italy. One tip he offers students attending Reading is to get an NUS Extra card for you discounts at most shops in England, but also the Student Union nightclub!

Ambassador photoGlasgow, UK – Giuseppe Celico ‘14, ISZL

Besides studying History, Giuseppe is part of the choir, the Roll Playing Society, the Jazz Band and is the event organizer for the Chess Society at Glasgow University. Some tips he shares with us about attending Glasgow are: the cookies in the library cafeteria are amazing and that the Fraser Building (student services) has good warm lunch for a very reasonable price. Also, if you stay in university accommodations, the gym is already paid so go and use the sauna at least.

Ambassador photoCambridge, UK – Emilia Persson ‘15, ISZL

Emilia studies Human, Social and Political Sciences with a focus on Politics and International Relations at University of Cambridge's Churchill College. Besides her studies, Emilia is involved with the Scandinavian Society (one of hundreds of nationality societies), the Cambridge Union Society (the oldest debating society in the world), and the Churchill Women's Netball team. While attending Cambridge, Emilia found that "Cambridge has a language of its own. It might be good to try and familiarise yourself with these terms." If you want to make the most of your study time, Emilia suggests "studying in your college's a good way to get motivated as everyone is working hard." She also recommends having dinner in your college's hall to meet people and to relax and de-stress.

London, UK - Ela Serpen '16, ISZL

Studying at London College of Fashion. Read more about her experience in her Eagle in the Spotlight interview.


London, UK - Bogdan Manea '16, ISZL

Bogdan is currently studying Dentistry at Queen Mary's University of London and has been a student ambassador for interviews for both Dentistry (official) and Medicine (unofficial). In general if you need help with applying to the medical courses at Queen Mary, Bogdan can give insight on what they want from students. He's part of the Hip Hop Club at Queen Mary, Video Games Society and Teddy Bear Hospital. If anyone needs help to accommodate to London, Bogdan knows plenty of hip and cool places and bars and shares "I wouldn't mind even doing a touristic tour because London is quite big so I haven't explored everything just yet."


Tilburg, The Netherlands - Caitlin Hemminga '17, ISZL

Caitlin is studying Global Law at Tilburg University and is part of the university golf team.



Nottingham, UK - Eleanor Parry-Sedgwick '17, ISZL

I was born in Shropshire, England and moved to Duesseldorf, Germany when I was 7. I then moved to Switzerland when I was 9 and attended ISZL until graduating last school year. I am currently studying International Media and Communications at the University of Nottingham. I am happy to help with providing information about Nottingham and the University, about moving to and living in the UK in general and any other burning questions.


North America

Ambassador photoNew York, USA – Luke Gile ‘14, ISZL

Luke recently completed a degree in International Affairs at Georgetown and is now attending Columbia University to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Luke is happy to help anyone visiting or moving to the New York area, assistant with college applications (especially US colleges) and share more info about his degree choices.

Princeton, USA - Meredith Hooper '16, ISZL

Attending Princeton University to study Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. As an Orange Key Tour Guide, Meredith can answer questions about just about anything - she knows a lot more than the average student. She also sings in the Glee Club, plays cello in Sinfonia, takes cello lessons, does math outreach lessons for the Math Club, and is involved with a few Christian organizations.

St. Louis, USA - Sanna Sharp, Alumna Parent

Sanna shares that St. Louis is a "great city for sports, the arts, outdoor activity, and I was surprised at how much culture and diversity there is in this area. St. Louis is home to several professional sports teams including the Cardinals in baseball, the Blues in hockey, and the Rams in American football. Additionally several MLS friendly games have taken place here during our two years, with teams including Real Madrid, Barcelona, and both the US Men's and Women's teams. St. Louis has a large variety of sports leagues for all ages and skill levels to participate as well. Visual and performing arts are strongly supported here from the amateur to the professional levels as well, and there are great concert and theater venues around the city. There are extensive parks with biking and hiking trails throughout the area; Forest Park, well known since the World's Fair in 1904, houses the Museum of Art, the History Museum, the St. Louis Zoo. and hosts special events throughout the year. Washington University and Saint Louis University and affiliated hospitals, along with other schools and large companies in the area, are largely responsible for attracting professionals and families from all over the world into this area. I have found this type of variety of activities and culture to be present at varying degrees in most cities in the Midwestern United States. Lifestyle in the St. Louis area is fulfilling for both families and singles, people are very friendly and the city is easy to navigate.

PhotoKingston, Canada – Robin Maedel ‘11, ISZL

For some reason alumni love coming back to Queen's. Some say it starts in frosh week, where you're initiated through the rights of passage of your faculty (engineering being particularly fun, and commerce quite amusing to enjoy some popcorn to). If you somehow manage to survive eng frosh week without a shaved head or some residual painted hair (that you tried to scrub off in vain on the shores of Lake Ontario) and haven't picked up to pit flu among other treasures found lurking in the depths of the student housing district - I'll call your bluff!

There is some stoke to being part of Queen's and many options (as there should be at at a uni) to immerse yourself in new activities friendships, cultures (and great cuisine downtown), and of course, studies! I chose Queen's because they know engineering is hard so they allow you the freedom to get a taste for various specializations in a general first year (where I learned about geology) and they encourage collaboration, not competition (please see 10 reasons to go to Queen's engineering).

Two final notes: Kingston is within 3 hours of Toronto and Montreal and 2 hours of the nation's capital via highway or train. It can get cold here in the winter (-20 C), but on those stunning sunny and cloudless days I feel like at a ski resort back in the alps, and skating frozen Lake Ontario also merits a study break.

Sarasota, USA - Maarten Lemmens '16, ISZL

Studying Computer Animation at Ringling College of Art and Design while being the President of the Soccer Club.



Ambassador photoVancouver, Canada – Gina Bolognesi ‘15, ISZL

Gina is enjoying her time in Vancouver, Canada by studying Computer Science, practicing Karate, and being a member of the Nerdfighters at the University of British Columbia, interspersed with co-op work placements. Gina shares, "Vancouver is a very diverse and welcoming place, so take advantage of it! Take the time to try something you've never done before; join new clubs and activities, do work placements, go on exchange... But UBC has so much to offer that's it's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of opportunities, so once you've found what resonates with you don't feel obligated to do it all."

Ambassador photoToronto, Canada - Anjeli Kruytbosch ‘14, ISZL

Anjeli is pursuing her B Comm in management with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Economics at Rotman Commerce, the business program at the University of Toronto. For her final year, she is the President of the Rotman Commerce Marketing Association and is taking a masters course at the Rotman School of Management, working with their startup incubator, called the Creative Destruction Lab. She works part time as a server at a fun Thai restaurant in downtown Toronto called Sabai Sabai - if you’re ever in the area come check it out! This past summer Anjeli had a merchandising internship with, an awesome Canadian online retailer selling green and natural products. When asked what tips she could offer about attending University of Toronto, Anjeli said, "Make sure you attend Frosh week! It's a really fun way to meet new people and get involved with your college!”


Interested in being a Global Ambassador?

As an ambassador you get to:

  • Share with current ISZL community members about what it’s like attending your university and/or living in your area of the world
  • Welcome new alumni to your university and/or area and help them find their way around
  • Be contacted by fellow alumni at your university and/or area to create a network of support and socializing
  • Volunteer as an ambassador for at least one year
  • Stay in regular contact with ISZL’s Alumni Relations Coordinator
  • Plus, it looks good on a CV

If you’d like to be a Global Ambassador please contact alumni(at)

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