Spotlight on ISZL alumni and alumnae

Many alumni and alumnae of ISZL (this includes those who attended the Zug American School, the Zug Anglo-American School, the International School of Zug, The Riverside School, and the International School of Luzern) have gone on to do amazing things. We are proud to celebrate their accomplishments and success.

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Catrine Bodum never imagined herself attending an English-speaking school or developing such an interest in painting. As life would have it, she'd learn this and more during the six years she attended The Riverside School before furthering her education in New York, London and Zurich.
Alumna Jess Richards might not be from Switzerland originally and has lived around the world, but she still considers the land of cheese and chocolate to be the place she hangs her hat. Perhaps because of the memories made during her five years at The Riverside School or the people she's met along the way. Most likely, it is a combination of both that has led Jess from Zug to Perth to Dubai and now back to Switzerland.
Joelle Greutmann attended Pre-K to Grade 6 at ISOZ before moving to Shanghai, China in 2008 and graduating high school there six years later. After a time in the UK and Singapore, Joelle has found herself back home in Switzerland. Joelle shares her experience of being a globetrotter and how making her way back to her roots was the best choice she could make.
Since graduation, Jari Klos has been studying Business Administration at the Berlin School of Economics and Law while working at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Jari shares with us how he's been enjoying this unique "dual" education of theoretical lectures and practical experience.
If you had to summarize life lessons you learned outside of formal education, what would you list as your Experience, Education or Skills? Alumnus James Stevenson '10 ISZL shares what he would list from lessons he learned while hitchhiking across Europe and North America.
Since graduating from ISZL, Josie Watson '14, ISZL has been studying at Tufts University in Boston to double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science with a minor in Economics. But studying at Tufts isn't the only thing Josie has been up to...
Alumna Ela Serpen'16, ISZL has always had eye for detail and a flare for fashion. The two came together when Ela worked for designer fashion brand VIN + OMI during their London Fashion Week runway show.
Working at ISZL's Zug Campus for two different periods of time was almost like returning home for Mark Stride given his Swiss heritage. As he's been living in Azerbaijan and will soon be starting his first principalship at the International School of Tianjin in China, Mark feels at home in many places around the world!
Ever had the perfect idea come to you but not at the perfect time? Meghan Mendelin '13 ISZL recently had just such an experience. She was hit with a great idea for a Broadway-style show, but it wasn't until September 2015 that she discovered the perfect opportunity to turn her writing into a full-on production.
Alumna Parent Luitgard Holzleg shares about her time as Parents Association President at ISOZ and how she's using her medical degree to keep families and refugees throughout Switzerland stay healthy and safe.
Diana Barthauer was a long time student of ISOZ, The Riverside School and ISZL before moving to California to study at Stanford University. Diana is looking forward to refocusing on her hobbies such as traveling to exotic places to photograph – she's been to Iceland, Argentina, Indonesia, New Zealand and more. Did we mention she's also working on getting her solo skydiving certification and learning how to manage real estate in Germany? How's that for adventure!
Sophie Trelles-Tvede attended our school from Grade 3 to Grade 8 back when it was called the International School of Zug (ISOZ). She is now the Managing Partner at invisibobble, a highly successful international hair product company based in Munich. Sophie gave a TED talk about her experience on November 21 at TEDxKEA and graciously offered to present to our high school students as well. Thank you Sophie for coming to share with us!
Stan Leemans attended The Riverside School before graduating in 2010 from ISZL. During his time at our school, Stan was very involved in sports like basketball, soccer, track and field and the ski team. His passion for sports continues as he plays professionally for Fribourg Olympic Basketball in Fribourg, Switzerland while earning his Master's degree in Accounting and Finance.
Alumnus Maximilian Goer is no stranger to learning. He attended the International School of Zug (ISOZ) for 10 years, graduated from The Riverside School, went to Yale University until 2011 before completing his PhD this autumn in Operational Research and Finance at Princeton University. All that hard work studying has paid off as Max is now using his technical degree to work as a trader for a hedge fund in New York City and he loves it!
Alumnus Sebastian Vernon '12 ISZL, was an outstanding JV and Varsity rugby player during his time at our school and has now become our first international rugby player. In October 2015 Sebastian was awarded his first cap for the Denmark National Rugby Union Team.
Alumnus Oliver O'Bryan '14 shares why "taking a gap year was the best thing I could have done to prepare for university and my career."
It was a long-time dream of Elowyn Stevenson's ('09) to be a castle tour guide and this is how she made it come true.
Mr Anthony Jones came to The Riverside School in 2007 as a teacher and later as the Head of Campus. He also played an important role during the merger of ISZL. Since 2010, Tony has been Headmaster of Robert College in Istanbul, Turkey. He shares with us some of his favourite memories during his time at The Riverside School.
Alumnus Simeon Paton '12 ran the London Marathon on April 26, 2015 in just 3 hours and 32 minutes. He also raised money for the charity EMERGENCY. Simeon chose to support this charity as it offers free of charge and high quality health care to war and poverty victims.
Joy Paton started attending the International School of Zug (ISOZ) in Grade 1 and graduated from the International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL) in 2010. After that she attended De Montfort University and graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design & Illustration. Now she writes children's book, designs her own merchandise and runs her own business.
Hannah Gottschalk went from serene Switzerland to big city New York to complete her degree at the Pratt Institute. She shares about her experience there, what she misses about Switzerland and why she's excited for what comes next.
ISZL graduate Anne-Marie Muller shares her plans after receiving degrees in European Law, Forensic Psychology and Criminology from Maastricht University, The Netherlands. She also shares some of her favourite moments while attending ISZL and insight to pursuing your dreams.
Dr. Bega is now a lecturer in Discipline in the Department of Physics, Columbia University. Her areas of research have included particle physics and atomic, molecular and optical physics, in particular focusing on precise manipulation of ultra cold atoms and molecules in optical lattices.
Sebastian Anttila's Finish father and Swedish mother moved to Switzerland in the 1970s for work and to start a family. Born in Geneva, he attended the International School of Zug (ISOZ) from kindergarten until seventh grade. Sebastian then attended The Riverside School before graduating and moving to New York, London and finally back to Switzerland.
Sarah Jane Morris, subsequently Cuthill, moved to Switzerland in 1975. She attended Zug Anglo-American School (ZAAS), which would later become ISZL. Sarah completed an MA in Old and Middle English Language and Literature at the University of St Andrews, as well as an MA in Archive Administration at the University of Liverpool. In 1993, she moved to the University of Bristol to run its theatre archive. Now married to Innes Cuthill, a Professor of Biology at the University, she spends her time raising two daughters and volunteering in the local community.

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