Renting the Baarburg Theatre

An exciting space for theatre and special events

Whether you are staging a full production, producing an showcase, or searching for a bright and comfortable spot for your rehearsals, our Baarburg Theatre may be the perfect option to fit your needs. Our theatre also provides a picture-perfect setting for a wide array of events including corporate conferences and meetings, award shows, presentations, and much more.

The Baarburg Theatre evokes a heightened sense of excitement even before your event or performance begins. With state-of-the-art lighting and sound, as well as projection and live-streaming capabilities, the theatre is perfect for corporate conferences, film screenings, gala events and theatrical performances. The theatre is connected to a large foyer with kitchen which allows for a seamless affair.

Our Theatre is available for use by the community outside of school hours and when not in use by our students for performances. For more information and to learn about availability, please contact Anastasia Liaskou at
Our technology - whether live, hybrid or virtual!

The theatre has modern audio, lighting and stage technology. The excellent hall acoustics and modern stage technology put every occasion in the best light. We can offer and implement special requirements that our house system does not cover without any problems through our technology partner. Whether live, hybrid or virtual, we adapt to your needs.

Lighting system:

Fully programmable lighting console ETC AV40

Sound system:

Sound desk Yamaha TF3 with Ipad navigation in the technical control room, various microphones Sennheiser (hand microphone, headband / headset, lavalier / Revere, table microphones, lectern), sound system, intercom, radios, inductive hearing system for the hearing impaired


Automatic screen (620 x 465 cm)
Behind the main curtain,LCD Laser video projector WUXGA 9000 ISO lumen


Adjustable hall podiums (various levels), orchestra podium, lifting walls left / right / rear

Filming and Livestreaming:

3 PTZ Cameras and Newtek Tricaster allows a high quality of video and livestream


Orchestral shell (concert walls, ceiling sails), stage textiles (alleys, festoons, curtains, opera film), Schnackenberger stage platforms, piano, platform platforms for theatre / concert seating, various artists' cloakrooms .


Photo Gallery

Theatre Infrastructure
Audio systems
Musical instruments
Piano with stage
Baarburg Theatre - Interior
Baarburg Theatre - Interior
Baarburg Theatre - Interior
Theatre Mezzanine
Theatre Mezzanine
Theatre Foyer
Theatre Foyer
Theatre Exterior looking towards Wettingerhaus entrance
Baarburg Theatre - Exterior

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