ISZL's After-school Activities Programme

ISZL's After-school Activities Programme
Daniel Parjol

Our Activities Coordinator, Daniel Parjol, looks at the range of interests served by ISZL after-school clubs

Students at High School Arts club painting pottery

Our after-school Activities and Clubs Programme is designed to enhance student learning and personal development in line with ISZL’s Mission and Vision.

We offer our students in Grades 1-12 a broad range of opportunities to:

  • Learn new skills or enhance existing skills and interests
  • Work with students from other classes and grades to make new friends
  • Learn about the importance of commitment and to become more resilient
  • Develop creativity, independence, communication, and leadership skills through a variety of visual and performing arts, academic enrichment and service learning activities
  • Develop empathy, and to advocate for others through service learning projects
  • Work with peers and teachers to create an environmentally friendly school
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of living a balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • Step out of their comfort zone and pursue a passion
Two Middle School students show their Rubiks Cube sponsorship equipment

Two Middle School students show their Rubiks Cube sponsorship equipment

In line with ISZL’s focus on developing our students’ entrepreneurial spirit, over the past two activities seasons we have been looking at how we can diversify the programme. One initiative which is proving very popular is the introduction of student-initiated and student-led clubs, across the three school divisions. As of season three, we will have five primary school student-led clubs, with the Grade 4 students acting as leaders in activities including Mini Chefs, Soccer, Writer’s Workshop and Digital Art. In the Middle and High Schools, Rubix Cube, Coding, E-Sports, Dance and Dungeons & Dragons are examples of student-led activities popular with students. Two Middle School students were very proactive and used their communication skills to get a specialised company to sponsor their Rubix Cube club.

The introduction of paid activities, where we use external highly-specialised staff or external specialised facilities is another popular initiative which is growing fast. As of season three, we will be offering Ballet, Breakdance, Crossfit and Parkour as paid activities. The breakdancing activity, which has students signed up for three days of the week, will be taught in English and German, so that our students also develop their language skills, in addition to their dancing skills. 

In the near future, we will continue to encourage our students to plan and design their own activities, and continue to develop further partnerships with reliable local activities providers.

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