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A Choir Trip to Beijing
By Ann-Sophie H, Grade 11 Student

In early March, Sixtine and I were privileged to fly to Beijing for the 2019 AMIS High School Honor Choir Festival. AMIS stands for The Association for Music in International Schools, and it organises music festivals for choirs, jazz bands, orchestras, solo and ensembles worldwide.

Beijing was an absolutely amazing experience where we got to meet many new people who had the same passion and love for music that we do. Overall we were around 200 students, selected from thousands of applicants around the world. We were split up into 3 choirs; a men’s choir, a women’s choir, and a mixed choir. We were fortunate to have very experienced guest conductors, with whom we worked for 3 days. On the final day, we had a gala concert at the International School of Beijing. At the end of this concert all 200 students sang together on stage, and performed a song that was especially composed for this event.

(Photograph by AMIS)

(Photograph by AMIS)

We have learned so many valuable things during these days not only about music but also about Chinese culture, and in addition we had the opportunity to make new friends during this festival. Many thanks to Ms le Guen for her support during the audition process and for preparing us, as well as to Mr Wasner and Ms Steckel-Hamann for accompanying us to Beijing.


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