A Day in the Life of a School Nurse
Emma Sugden and Cynthia Kemish, School Nurses on Zug Campus

We are the nursing team on Zug Campus, working every day from 8.30am to 5pm to provide medical care for the children and the school community. We see children for a variety of reasons and we would like to share some of this activity with you. 

From September 2017- February 2018, there were 865 children registered at the Zug campus. During this time, we had a total of 2241 visits to the nurse’s office.

1102 of these visits were due to an injury. This ranged from a minor bump, collision, bruise to a sprain, break/fracture or concussion. 

975 visits were due to an illness. The children's symptoms ranged from high temperatures, stomach aches, diarrhoea and vomiting, to migraine/headaches, coughs/colds and asthma.

1213 visits were for the administration of medication (pain relief, daily regular medication, allergy medication, inhalers).

And let's not forget the 40 teeth that fell out and required a mouse box to keep them safe!

We run a screening programme through out the year. Each child at the Zug campus receives an eye test. In Grades 1, 5 & 8 we undertake height and weight measurements. We hope you find this screening useful and it is also an opportunity to involve the children in the understanding of their own health and growth.

The unexpected nature of the job means that each day is different and interesting. We appreciate the school encouraging us to undertake Professional Development each year to keep our skills and knowledge up to date and evidence based. Each year, we facilitate a nursing conference at Chalet Bergheim with over 30 other School nurses from International Schools attending.  This is a two day conference and this year the subject is Child and Teen Mental Health.

Another area of our work is giving Emergency First Response training to each and every staff member working at ISZL. This year we will have run first aid courses for approximately 100 staff over 10 sessions. 

We see ourselves as a resource not only for the children but for the whole school community and welcome parents to drop in and discuss any health related concerns.






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