A Huge Success for Middle School Maths Students
Elizabeth Jewitt and Kevin Berndt, Middle School Maths Department

On the first weekend in May, 192 of Europe's best young maths minds gathered in Amsterdam for the annual ISMTF (International Schools Mathematics Teachers Foundation) Middle School competition. With some relief and much excitement, the two teams from ISZL arrived feeling positive and prepared for whatever was thrown their way. After a welcome dinner on Friday night, the students took to their books to fine tune their brains. The time and energy spent training in the months before the competition paid off. Saturday's competition saw both ISZL teams perform strongly, with Alex, Gwendelyn and Connor finishing 2nd out of the 64 participating teams, and Ana, Lukas and Aayush finishing 16th. This was an outstanding success for the students and for ISZL, and we are all very proud of their achievements.

Sunday's problem solving Maths Chase around the Museumplein was also a great success for ISZL with two of our students taking medals. After a tiebreaker round where Aayush and Connor, together with their teams, competed in a head to head match, Aayush walked away with the 4th place. Connor went home with the 3rd place medal and Alex with the 1st place medal. It was a privilege to work with the six students. They were not only stunning mathematicians, but also great ambassadors for the school. This beautiful, sunny, calculating weekend in Amsterdam will not soon be forgotten by any of the participants or their coaches!

The good news from Middle School maths does not end there. Equally excitingly, the results for the 2017-18 Maths Olympiads Contest came through last month with some excellent results. The contest runs as a monthly problem solving paper for five months from November to March, with 20'000 of the most able maths loving students from all over the world taking part. ISZL Middle School has been entering this contest for the last four years and the results have been varied, but this year the results have been impressive! We are very proud to have many students in the top 20%, Gwendelyn in the top 10% and Alex and Connor in the top 2%. This is an outstanding success for these students. Congratulations to all 60 ISZL students who took part. We hope to see many of you returning for more problem solving fun next year.

Many of our students have enjoyed six months of working through back papers, practising, broadening knowledge and having fun being part of the Olympiad team. Look out for the announcement of the new problem solving after school club, starting in August. Maths Olympiad training will form a part of the activities, and all students with enthusiasm and passion for maths are most welcome to join.

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