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A Ripple in Lake Aegeri Opens Taps in Tanzania
By Carla F, Grade 11 Student

This week, 35 swimmers including members of the ISZL community conquered the length of Lake Aegeri in a personal quest that also brings safe drinking water to schools in Tanzania.

Following a successful first event in 2017 that was part of my Grade 10 Personal Project, I was encouraged to repeat the positive experience of organising a charity swim again this year. Ever since I became a competitive swimmer, water has played a big role in my daily life. I created ‘Swimming for Drinking Water’ with the aim of having fun while swimming with others and making a difference. The goal was to raise money and provide a school in Tanzania with access to clean drinking water. This video summarises the 2017 event.

This week an even greater number of swimmers stepped up to the 5.5km open water challenge. 35 athletes – from 11 years old to experienced triathletes – tackled the length of lake Aegeri as part of ‘Swimming for Drinking Water 2018’. After running the event last year, I was able to build on my experience in 2018 with getting the necessary permits, managing logistics and organising safety.

Various local businesses support the event with donations. My goal is to provide another school in Tanzania with clean drinking water from this year’s event. The non profit organisation that I work with emphasizes sustainable and long lasting projects. It works with local staff and trains them to install and operate the solar-powered disinfection systems.

In 2017 we raised more than CHF5,000 and by December 2018 600 children had safe drinking water installed as a result. Our goal is to help another school this year. Please contribute and make a difference by donating on my GoFundMe page. Thank you for helping us open taps with safe drinking water in Tanzania!



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