AMIS European Middle School Girls' Honor Choir Festival
David Smith, Flute Teacher & Director of ISZL Zug Campus Choir

At the beginning of May, 8 Middle School girls, Shayne Williams and I flew to Germany to attend the AMIS European Middle School Girls’ Honor Choir Festival at the International School of Düsseldorf.  Since February, Amanda, Cassidy, India, Iona, Tiana, Josefien, Sarah and Lucie had rehearsed the 10 pieces of music during lunch breaks with me in the Music room and although the music was often challenging, they worked very hard in order to be fully prepared for the festival.

19 international schools from all over the world went for the 3 day festival including schools from Germany, Norway, Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Hungary, Austria and Luxembourg.

It was obvious from the first rehearsal on Thursday morning that each school had prepared the challenging repertoire very well and that the choir’s sound was going to be unique and beautiful. Katherine Bechdoldt, from the American School of Warsaw, was the inspirational conductor for the festival and all of the girls appreciated her musicality and hard work. The first day’s rehearsals went brilliantly and a lot of progress was made.

During the following 2 days, the choir worked extremely hard from 08.30-17.15 each day - long days for the vocal chords! However, on Saturday morning there was time to relax as we went for an excursion into Düsseldorf and a beautiful boat trip along the Rhine.

That evening, the choir performed their 50 minutes of singing with confidence, brilliance and with a complete joy for making music! The standard of singing was exceptional and whether it was a Schumann song, one from the musical ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’, or the highly complex ‘Everyone Sang’ with text by Siegfried Sassoon, the girls performed each piece with passion and a full understanding of each style.

If you would like to view the concert, please use this link:

The audience was very appreciative and at the end gave the choir an immediate standing ovation - rightly deserved. It was an unbelievable evening of music and the girls represented our school beautifully. Congratulations to them all!


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