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Being a Diplomat for a Week
By Students in the Model United Nations Club

The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN)

In January, 11 students from our Model United Nations club went to The Hague to attend THIMUN, a five-day conference which simulates the United Nations. Sierra Leone was the country we were given to represent, so Dr. Kaitell came to prepare us pre-conference, to speak about the recent history and current issues in his country. Part of the simulation is understanding and taking the stance of the assigned country, so it requires us to think critically and communicate with other diplomats on a range of international issues currently being discussed at the UN.

Two students describe their experiences:

"Despite it being a huge conference with over 3,500 students, the environment at THIMUN was incredibly welcoming. There were students from all over the world, coming from as far away as Australia, China, and Ecuador and it was amazing experience in itself just to meet them. We have all made new friends that we will stay in contact with. Discovering the beautiful city of The Hague and Delft were also highlights."

"Being at THIMUN was an eye-opening experience! It engaged us in student written resolutions to help solve current world problems as diverse as the threat of cyber interference to democracy, making sustainable air travel, and eradicating child labour. THIMUN helped me understand current issues and just how difficult it is to find the right solution that will meet everyone's needs and beliefs. This challenged me to find different ways of thinking and problem solving while teaming up with other people. I would definitely recommend THIMUN to anyone willing to push themselves and to develop new and useful skills such as debating, speech writing, and public speaking."

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