Celebrating our Early Years Community

Helga Jaimes

Sharing some of our families’ favourite moments 

ISZL dedicated the month of March to celebrate our Early Years Community and our youngest learners. Here parents of children in the Early Years share some of their favourite moments with us which we hope you will enjoy reading as much as we do.

Dominique and Peter :

“It has already been one year since Magnus joined ISZL and we are all so happy! Magnus loves to go to school and have adventurous days with his friends, especially on Fridays when he has forest days. [His teacher] Ms. Hamilton is very experienced, loving and supportive. [The PE teacher] Mr. T is kind of a superstar who makes huge fires in the forest and shows him different animals each time they meet. Magnus’ favourite teacher, Miss Timar, seems fearless, loving and super cool even touching earthworms. Magnus is very proud that he was brave enough to touch a hedgehog, mole and rat.

Magnus is German speaking and did not know any English when he started school. Thanks to the amazing teachers he feels part of the ISZL family and already managed to learn the basics in English with perfect pronunciation. We are so happy with ISZL and believe that Magnus benefits a lot from the most dedicated teachers and gigantic possibilities you provide for developing and learning. 

Many thanks for all your support and taking care of Magnus in such a protected and loved way!” 

Nikky N:

“We relocated in the middle of a pandemic from a highly academic school in London to ISZL. I was very apprehensive, but watching my son thrive here makes me very happy with our decision. He is learning so much at school, and is becoming one with nature, what I found was missing earlier. He has learnt about rivers, fire safety, changing seasons, how to read signs in the forest and so much more. 

We were at our local park which has a stream that Nirvan wanted to cross over. I held back to see how he would navigate it, as it was a bit wide. He thought and said: Mr T said to find the narrowest part and cross from there. He did indeed find it, and crossed over without falling. This made me realise how education is not all about reading ABCs and writing 123s but so much more. The school is getting him ready for the world, which is so important.”

Verena P:

“This is one of our favourite photos of our time at ISZL so far as it shows Maya and her best friend Henry working together on a painting. They are discussing how to make their "big tornado" and complementing one another's work. Their friendship is deepening every day and they both love coming to school, spending time together and learning together.”

 Jasperine G:

"It might be a bit of an odd one but things I love and appreciate about ISZL Early Years is that you have remained open throughout this whole challenging school year so far, offering our kids every day activities, fresh air, seeing their friends. Something that can almost be considered a luxury in these strange times.

Since we as parents are not allowed in the building, my five-year-old has grown to be so independent in such a short time. She knows her way through school, knows what to bring every day and what she needs to take home. I always walk her to the yellow line and wait there until she goes in, though she hardly ever turns to wave. So independent! Thank you!”

 Helen C:

 “Louis loves Early Years as he gets to go by bus to the forest. He loves playing and exploring in the trees and stream and then having a snack by the campfire, while the teacher tells them fun forest stories.”

 Christian P:

“Our children, Maggie, Mark and Tommy only joined ISZL in March, but wanted to send you a picture of them being very happy in Switzerland.”


We would like to thank all parents for sharing their memories and celebrating their children’s learning at ISZL. We are looking forward to experiencing new adventures, and even more laughter and learning with our youngest learners.

If you would like to learn more about the Early Years Community, click here.

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