Celebrating two years of EAGLES

Joanna Cull

EAGLES, the ISZL after-school programme for working parents, is marking two full school years of providing a nurturing space at the end of the school day. Our EAGLES leader, Bernadette Fässler, describes the programme:


Bernadette Faessler at Eagles Club

Helping with after-school craft: Bernadette Fässler at EAGLES 

What is the EAGLES Club and what ages can attend?

EAGLES stands for Extra Activities and Group Learning Extended Service. 

Eagles is an additional paid service, based at the Zug Campus, for ISZL families where both parents are working, or for single-parent working families, and who need the support of an extended school day for their child or children from Early Years 1 to Grade 8.

What kinds of activities are on offer? 

Over a snack, the children can relax after a busy school day before sharing their activity options and choices for the afternoon. EAGLES staff organise age-appropriate games and activities responding to the children’s interests, making use of the clubrooms, the Albis Gym and our outdoor spaces.

Are they different depending on the child’s age?

Little Eagles (EY1 - Grade 1) starts with a snack and chat, with each child having a voice to share. We know and understand the children well, promoting the development of independence. There is time to rest, relax and cuddle a favourite toy. Free choice includes puzzles, building blocks, lego, role-play and games. Daily fun activities are prepared both indoors and outdoors to support each child’s individual needs and interests. Arts and crafts, play dough, painting and sport are absolute favourites! We read aloud to the children daily, and they love to share their book-bag choices. The day ends with a communal story before going home.

We are a happy community and I get to play with my friends
- Aisha, Grade 2

Specific activities for Grade 2 - Grade 8 children include a healthy balance of individual student choice and communal activities. We start the afternoon with a snack and sharing news from the school day. Outdoor time is an important and popular part of each afternoon: fresh air in the lungs, movement in the body, and great for clearing the head! Indoors, students may choose from a variety of resources to read, draw, create, build or play. They can choose to play individually, in pairs or small groups, resulting in special friendships across the age-groups. In Upper Primary and Middle School, the students frequently choose to work on personal projects or Home Learning. We tend to end the afternoon with a communal Circle Time or reflection.

Middle School students get to do homework which means we don’t have to do it at home. I like practising my saxophone and chatting with friends.We do arts, create, go outside, work, chat, be silly. I think we are nice and caring at Eagles
- Enora, Grade 6

Students doing craft at EAGLES after school club

Who runs the club? Are there any special activities/events that take place during the year?

EAGLES is staffed by a team of qualified teachers and assistants. The programme runs Mondays to Fridays from 15:30 to 18:00 on all full school days during term-time beginning the first day of school in August.

What are the benefits to students of attending EAGLES Club? 

EAGLES provides children with time and space to extend their school-day in a safe and caring environment. Over a snack the children relax after a busy school day before sharing a a variety of afternoon activities. There is something for everyone: quiet time to read, to practise a musical instrument, to complete a Home Learning presentation, or to do a detailed drawing.

Other activities include creating arts and crafts with a friend, listening to inspiring stories and myths from around the world. Students also make connections between the different languages we share, and reflect on the day’s happenings, sharing different perspectives as we try to make our corner of the world a better, kinder place. One of the greatest benefits to EAGLES Club is honing social skills, especially between students of different ages. 



Parents on EAGLES

EAGLES is so supportive for working parents! Knowing that our children are loved and cared for, while enjoying themselves really puts our minds at rest. We can't be grateful enough to the wonderful professionals working there.
- Parents of children in Early Years 2 and Grade 2

EAGLES club is a blessing for our two-working-parents family. The kids are always happy back home, sometimes not even willing to come home!. Not only do they learn at EAGLES, they also have great fun.
Parents of children in Grade 2 and Kindergarten

Art Gallery at Eagles


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