Celebrations in Kindergarten German lessons

Celebrations in Kindergarten German lessons
Grainne McFadden-Rohan

As part of our year-long unit of inquiry on celebrations, ISZL’s Kindergarten students looked at the colours and symbols associated with springtime and the Easter celebration. 

A child designs their egg; an egg design with German labels; an egg being painted

Our choice of books reflected the season. Our stories included ‘, ‘Das allerschönste Osterei’ and ‘Das goldene Ei’ as well as some non-fiction books including ‘Das Ei’ by Britta Teckentrup and ‘Wer schlüpft aus welchem Ei?’ We also examined a range of eggs from different birds, speculating and theorising about their origins. 

A Kindergarten student writing during German class

The rhyming story Henne, Has’ und Osterspaß got us thinking about how the ‘Hasen’ could solve their problem as they ran out of time to paint the eggs. The children had many inventive and caring ideas.

Following  the design cycle the children designed and created their eggs.  When creating their designs, the children consulted German books for ideas and as a resource when labelling. Many children went on to write more detailed texts describing their eggs and create books featuring their eggs

Using watercolours the children tested and experimented with different brushes and techniques. During these engagements there is an emphasis on communicating in German as much as possible.  The eggs that were chosen for this engagement were matt, with a surface very similar to hen eggs. In the studio the children also experimented with plastic, cotton and styrofoam eggs.

Writing in Kindergarten German lessons


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