Time for Festive Shop

Time for Festive Shop
Joanna Cull

Primary Students enjoyed our Festive Shop - with the chance to do their own shopping for the holidays

A stall at Festive Shop, laden with toys for children to choose


One of the best-loved ISZL traditions in the run-up to the Winter Break is the beautiful Festive Shop.

Organised by our Parents’ Association, Festive Shop allows our younger children to choose presents for their immediate family, all for the bargain price of two Swiss Francs apiece. 

A gift is wrapped by a parent helper


The shop is filled with donations from the community, all of which are in as-new condition. For the children, the real thrill is that their gift will be a surprise for family members.

Beautifully decorated by the PA, the shop divides gifts by potential recipient, with sections for mums and dads, older and younger siblings. 

Once their choice is made, children take their gifts to PA volunteers to be paid for, wrapped and labelled. The proceeds from Festive Shop go to one of ISZL’s named charities, Kids of Africa.



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