Flying High with the Fund for Excellence!

Joanna Cull

How Grade 8 student Luke expanded his leadership skills and introduced other students to his passion for making model aeroplanes, with the help of ISZL's annual giving fund.

The Fund for Excellence is ISZL’s annual giving programme, which gives life to exceptional programmes outside the normal school curriculum. Here, Luke tells us about Flight Club (and in this case, the first rule of Flight Club is that we certainly do talk about it!).

Luke O is a Grade 8 student with a passion for making model aeroplanes. Inspired to share his interest with other students, he approached Middle School to ask if he could start his own after-school programme. With the help of Design teacher Aaron Broderick, he has encouraged more students to learn this skill, while developing his own leadership, presentation and communication skills. 

Watch our video below to see the extraordinary planes made by Luke and his club, and to hear Aaron Broderick talk about the benefits offered by the Fund for Excellence, and how it helps students to stretch themselves further, and achieve more than they believed possible.


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