From ISZL Graduates to Global Change-Makers: Two Alumni Stories

From ISZL Graduates to Global Change-Makers: Two Alumni Stories
Fiona Flintham

Our mission at ISZL, is to provide a nurturing environment that fosters enthusiastic enquiry and empowers students to become responsible global citizens who achieve more than they believe possible. Today, we are proud to share the inspiring stories of two of our alumni who have gone on to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Romane Tholomé (Class of 2018): Empowering Communities Through Education and Sustainability

Romane Tholomé's educational journey before arriving at ISZL was diverse, encompassing various systems and cultures. However, it was at ISZL that she found the perfect blend of academic rigor, ideal class sizes, and a holistic approach to education. Reflecting on her time at ISZL, Romane says,

"This evolution was facilitated by everyday classroom experiences, such as witnessing Mr. Koch's enthusiasm during discussions about solutions to global issues, accompanied by impromptu history lessons with his world map, or Ms. Lordet's efficient and cheerful math teaching (which to this day remains unparalleled), or learning about current events through an economic lens in Mr. Dalesio's class.

During her time at ISZL, Romane witnessed the enthusiasm of her teachers and these experiences helped her develop critical thinking skills and form her own opinions.

One pivotal moment for Romane was leading a PDW trip to Ghana at the Kokrobite Chiltern Center in 2017. Despite falling ill early in the trip, Romane gained a profound understanding of grassroots NGO work, which would later inspire her to create a sustainable initiative providing clean water to Kokrobite's community.

Romane's commitment to community empowerment continued through her university years, where she pursued a dual degree in economics and sustainability. She now serves on the board of trustees for the Kokrobite Chiltern Center, focusing on projects like developing an aquaponics prototype in Ghana. Romane's dedication to global impact also led her to collaborate with ISZL Alumni on a sustainable and ethical certification project for volunteer tourism organizations.

Her journey underscores the importance of pursuing one's passions, even without a predefined path. Romane's career has taken her from internships at the United Nations to her current role as a Development Coordinator for the Nature Conservancy in New York City, where she contributes to global environmental conservation and community empowerment efforts. Throughout it all, Romane remains connected to ISZL, collaborating with our community on exciting projects that promise a brighter, more sustainable future.


Eva Berglind Brynjarssdottir (Class of 2019): A Journey from ISZL to Sustainability Leadership

Eva Berglind Brynjarssdottir's ISZL journey began in 10th grade, a transition to an English-speaking school from a non-English background. She fondly remembers the extensive support provided by ISZL, including weekly support classes and assistance after school. 

"ISZL values excellence and confidence for their students," she reflects.

Eva's time at ISZL was marked by extracurricular activities, from volleyball to football, and meaningful experiences in the IB Diploma program's CAS component. Teachers at ISZL were instrumental in supporting her pursuits and helping her discover her interests.

I have very positive memories from ISZL. One highlight of my time was CAS, part of the IB Diploma, where teachers were very supportive in finding projects or organizations that aligned with our interests.”

After completing the IB Program, Eva embarked on her studies in the Netherlands, where she pursued a BSc in Political Science with a minor in Business Administration at Leiden University. She attributes her adaptability, independence, and eagerness to learn to her time at ISZL.

Eva's journey in sustainability began with ISZL's Environmental Science class, taught by Zoe Badcock, which sparked her passion for environmental impact. Her undergraduate studies expanded her knowledge, focusing on policy and business aspects of sustainability, ultimately leading her to her current role as a Sustainability Advisor at AFS Energy in Amsterdam.

Eva's dedication to corporate social responsibility and sustainability led her to plan further studies in Global Business and Sustainability in Rotterdam, with the aim of continuing her career in sustainability and renewable energy.

Both Romane and Eva's stories illustrate how ISZL equips students with the skills and mindset needed to excel in a rapidly changing world. We are proud to have played a part in shaping future leaders and global change-makers and hope these stories inspire you.

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