Hiking for Silver and Gold
Vikkii Allen, International Award Coordinator

Over the past two weeks, the Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award students have been out testing their endurance and teamwork. The Silver Award students partook in a two day snowshoe practice expedition around Flüelen in preparation for their final expedition in June. The previous days’ snowfall made this a particularly challenging hike, as the normally snow-ploughed and groomed trail was barely visible which led to the added difficulty of having to break the trail. The students worked extremely well together as a group and proved that they are well equipped to take on the final expedition.

We also had 5 students undertaking their final Gold expedition in the mountains. Totaling four days and covering Rigi, Zugerberg, Rossberg, Sattel, the Mythen and Schwyz, the Gold Award students battled against the snow and wind to cover a distance of 59km and which included a total of 2,932m ascent and 3,380m descent – a feat not to be laughed at! The final Gold expedition really is a test of mental endurance as well as physical endurance. Students carry all the resources they need to sustain them throughout the four days and therefore, must work as a team to support each other as they fight through their own personal struggles, whether it be the weight of their rucksack, the grueling uphill or the sheer length of the day’s hike. The Gold final is never an easy task, but despite the weather, blisters, and blocked paths, they soldiered on. Therefore, Sophie, Sierra, Con, Marnix and Sam are to be commended for their determination, maturity and positivity throughout the whole expedition. Congratulations to all the students!


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