Interview with a School Bus Driver

Helga Jaimes

Get to know John and his perspective about his job

ISZL operates a bus service, which collects children at a convenient collection point near their home and returns them at the end of the day. At present, all students wear masks on the bus to ensure the service is Covid-safe.

We sat down with John, one of our drivers, and asked him about his job at ISZL. 

Please introduce yourself and share any information that our community should know about you.

My name is John Gibbings and for the past eight months I have been working as one of the school's fleet bus drivers within the transportation team. I have 20 years of experience working within a transportation network, and I also have two sons who currently attend ISZL, Harry in grade 10 and Benjamin in grade 7.

Can you briefly introduce the transportation services at ISZL and what makes it unique ?

We have 35 vehicles that operate daily, transporting over 500 students across 20 routes servicing 200 stops. Additionally, we provide ad-hoc transport for sports and field trips throughout the day. The transportation team is based on site at ISZL and we work very closely with all staff and are on hand for any immediate requirements.

What is the most rewarding aspect of driving a school bus ?

I really enjoy working with all the children, ensuring that the start and end of their day is a positive experience. I especially enjoy meeting the new families and students making them feel happy and relaxed and part of the ISZL community, as I know how daunting it can be arriving in a new environment.

What do you do to ensure safety on your bus ?

The buses are fully checked every morning and afternoon before their departure to ensure they are in A1 working order. All drivers are background checked by the federal authorities and have taken a driving awareness course. All drivers attend a transport regulation course periodically, this includes First Aid training and provides information relating to all the latest transportation guidelines. Each bus is fitted with a tracking system to ensure the operations team knows the whereabouts of each bus in real time data. Each driver can also be communicated to through this system. To assist with Child Protection measures it is essential that parents/guardians advise the transport team of any changes to be made in a timely manner to avoid any safety issues or delays. 

Why would you recommend parents to use the bus service ?

Being a parent at the school, I can appreciate the demands of a busy family life.  The bus service allows parents peace of mind and provides students with routine and independence.  It also encourages students to build friendships outside of the classroom setting with children who live locally to them.

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