Well done to the class of 2023!

Well done to the class of 2023!
Joanna Cull

ISZL has celebrated the class of 2023 in a beautiful, moving graduation ceremony at Zug’s lakeside Casino Theatre.

Swiss and Canton Zug flags outside the venue, smiling students in ISZL robes

The sun shone on our Grade 12 students as they posed for photographs with their parents in ISZL’s signature blue caps and gowns. 

Their fellow High School students in Grade 11 helped to put on the event, with students Ben and Isabella acting as masters of ceremonies, and the Grade 11 High School band The Hostile Glances singing the Bee Gees’ classic Stayin’ Alive. 

The class was addressed by ISZL Alum Diego Loggiodice, now a Supply Planner at On in Zurich.

In his address to the 2023 graduates, he talked about finding a community at ISZL when he arrived - despite not speaking English. He said ISZL had touched his life, from the university he had chosen to attend, to a love of outdoor adventures and Calculus. He told the audience that on leaving ISZL for his last two years of High School, he was given the microphone at assembly and told his classmates, “Wherever I may go in life, I hope I find people as wonderful as you”

Awards were presented, including for Academic Excellence (Kyle A), Enthusiastic Inquiry (Rodrigo BT) Academic Excellence - IB Diploma Service, Citizenship (Matteo M), and the John Mestayer Award for compassion, fortitude and inspiration (Angelina G). 

  • John Mestayer Award for compassion, fortitude and inspiration (Angelina G)
  • Enthusiastic Enquiry Award (Rodrigo BT)
  • Academic Excellence High School Programme Award (Kyle A) 
  • Academic Excellence Award IB Diploma Programme (Victoria P)
  • Service Award (Nada A)
  • Service Award (April H)
  • Citizenship Award (Matteo M)

The student council president, Kyle A, led the ceremony of turning the tassels from right to left, marking their transition from students to the ISZL alumni of 2023. 

We wish all our class of 2023 the best of luck and hope that they, as our guest speaker Diego said, will carry a piece of ISZL with them everywhere they go. 

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