ISZL Fever Policy Change
Joanna Cull


Children who have had a fever will be able to return to school once they have been symptom-free for 24 hours, following new guidance from Canton Zug. 

Previously the Canton required 48 hours away from school after a child's temperature returned to normal.

A child is classed as fever-free with a temperature below 38.0 degrees Celsius or for under-5s below 37.5 degrees Celsius. Parents can find our illness and fever policy here. For further clarification or guidance please contact the Nursing Team

Where members of your household are being tested for Covid-19, we also ask that you contact the Nursing Team.

The Swiss government has also released the following flowchart which should guide parents with their decision-making about whether to send a child with some illness symptoms to school, when they should stay at home or if they should be seen by a doctor.

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