ISZL volunteers at the Repair Café


ISZL students work with Gemeinde Baar to breathe new life into broken household goods, creating a more sustainable world, one hairdryer at a time


An ISZL student brings coffee to a repair cafe volunteer


ISZL is celebrating the success of its first Repair Café, in partnership with Gemeinde Baar. 

The Repair Cafe concept comes from the Netherlands and has spread around the world. Volunteers give their time, expertise and passion to help save items, repairing them and preventing them from ending up in the rubbish bin. Organisations - like ISZL - help run the cafes.

For this Repair Café, Gemeinde Baar supplied the Gemeindesaal (civic centre) and the support services, including advertising. ISZL provided home cooked savoury and sweet goodies for the café, the sandwich lunch for the volunteers, drinks throughout the day, the transportation of the Repair Café tools, meeting and greeting guests, organising ticketing of items and the flow of materials to the volunteer repairers.

Our first Repair Café partnership had a fantastic atmosphere with great teamwork. Guests were brought a whole range of items from clothes with holes, vacuum cleaners that didn’t work, radios that wouldn’t switch on, bicycles that had problems, remote controlled toys that had stopped working, plastic toys that were broken and the item that generated the most excitement from our volunteers, brought by an ISZL family, a musical chair that was a bit the worse for wear. 

Electrical items were safety checked before and after use and the majority of items were successfully repaired and returned to their delighted owners.. 85 items were brought in for repair with a 60% success rate, with donations of over CHF500 for the organisation.

Afterwards, Repair Café Zug gave us some wonderful feedback:

On behalf of the Repair Café team for Canton Zug, I would like to express our thanks for the wonderful help and support we received from the team of ISZL students and parents who came to the Repair Café in Baar on Saturday, 30th October.

Without exception, your students were friendly, helpful, thoughtful, attentive and genuinely interested in the repairs being done at the Repair Café plus the concept in general.

In addition, they brought with them a wide variety of truly delicious cakes, cookies, sandwiches and other bits and pieces plus kept us wonderfully well supplied with coffee, tea and water all day long.

They were a great credit to your school, their parents but most of all to themselves.

We are looking forward to the next Repair Café, making the world - or our corner of it here in Baar - a better, kinder place. 





Listen here for a first-hand discussion of the Repair Cafe initiative with repairer Nicki and our Year 12 student and cafe volunteer Zoe.

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