Live Theatre Comes to the Primary School
Kirsty Kelly, Performing Arts Teacher

The strong love and support of the Performing Arts is one of the things that makes ISZl so special.

Students throughout the Early Years to Grade 5 benefit from transdisciplinary and integrated drama lessons which support their creative development. By bringing in live theatre to the Primary School, we allow the students to also experience the Arts first hand, inquire further and make deeper connections. Thanks to the Fund For Excellence, we welcomed Simply Pocket Theatre from the UK to the school on 09th and 10th April. Live theatre has the ability to bring stories to life and this is exactly what the cast of 'A Pocketful of Grimms' did as they took well known fables and jumpstarted the children's imaginations and cultivated their curiosity.

As one of the Performing Arts teachers, it is part of my job to try and create experiences to inspire children within the Arts and through live theatre, it is evident that this is happening: 'It was like I was really in the stories', 'Can we have theatre time every week?', 'I can't believe there was only four actors, but so many stories – it was amazing'. Teachers also commented on the strong connections that the play had to the teaching and learning happening within the school. The Library team collaborated with the Arts Department to support using the Performing Arts as a springboard enrichening the writing, storytelling and creativity of our students. Through in house learning engagements, literacy and expressive arts connections, we hope to continue making these connections stronger in the future.

Grade 4 students were given the opportunity to participate in workshops with the cast prior to the show. Linking to their recent How We Express Ourselves Unit, they were able to further their inquiry; learning about stage directions, how to tell a story effectively and how to use expression as a form of communication with the audience. These students fed back after watching the show about their deeper understanding of characterisation and evoking emotion from an audience.

The ISZL mission seeks to provides opportunities to motivate our students in their learning. By bringing our full primary school community together to watch 'A Pocketful Full of Grimms live in the Baarburg theatre - we did just that. 

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