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Operations Department  - Utrinque Paratus  (Ready for Anything)
By Mark Murray, Operations Manager

Shared Challenges, Shared Future - Why Zug Campus Operations matter!

On Zug Campus we always feel so much positivity as the season of goodwill and happiness approaches. I hope you and your family are starting to embrace the festive spirit. In preparation for this season, much is already underway across Zug Campus with the Operations Department usually involved in some way.
As Zug Campus Operations Manager, it is my job to make sure things run smoothly so students can focus on learning - this includes safety, security, food service, facility maintenance, construction and transportation. Normally, people think about operations only when something goes wrong: if buses are late or misdirected; an internal work project goes over budget or off schedule; students missing lessons due to a failed heating system. For our community, and especially for students, our goal is to remove distractions from learning and to support the educators who are making a difference in students’ lives. When operations work goes right, we create an environment where everything else can go right, and there is a direct correlation between operations and academic success. 

Some numbers to put Zug Campus operations into perspective:

  • Last year we served 76,713 lunches to students/staff 
  • ISZL school buses transported approximately 500 students daily to and from school in addition to the numerous sporting activities, field trips and supporting the needs of Gemeinde Baar
  • We used enough toilet paper to reach Basel! (Approx 6’048 rolls)
Since its conception three years ago, the Operations Department strives to put the needs of the Campus first with a team of experts working to pursue excellence in all areas. We have made improvements in systems, most notably a move to state-of-the-art digitisation within the Transport and Food & Beverage departments. We have a "see it, say it, fix it” mantra in the department, encouraging everyone to speak up when improvements can be made. We set targets and objectives for the team with the goal of keeping everyone motivated and energised. Each year the school has offered a different angle which has allowed the team to challenge themselves, manage down the risk, and identify opportunities for development.  
On a Campus of this size, the work at times may seem intimidating, but we are lucky to have a network of people and resources who provide guidance and support. We are particularly indebted to the Parents' Association (PA), comprised of extraordinary individuals who volunteer their precious time to help facilitate the numerous events ISZL held annually on Zug Campus. The Department is delighted to enjoy this collaborative partnership with the PA, without whose hard work, support and dedication, events on Zug Campus would be a considerably harder task to organise. We are extremely grateful for their help, unique skills and wide range of talents offered!
On behalf of the Operations Department - thank you for your support!

Back row - Neil Commons, Thomas Ihm-Lempio, Wolfgang Stuchly, Milenko Poletan, Radomir Danicic, Evaristo Arias
Front row - Ali El Aamery, Mark Murray, Elke Jones, Tarja Müller


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