Promoting Student Wellbeing Through Yoga

Promoting Student Wellbeing Through Yoga
By Bernadette Fässler and Nükhet Durrer, Primary School teachers

At ISZL we strive to be a healthy, happy and harmonious community in every way. We aim to provide and encourage a healthy lifestyle for our community that fosters a positive sense of wellbeing, and practices that nurture and support the wellbeing of students are deeply embedded into school life.

One way that children in Primary School are encouraged to make wellbeing part of their everyday life is during the afterschool Yoga Club. And what better way to find out how it benefits the students than to ask them?

Why do you come to Yoga Club?

I want to be healthy and to breathe well and to stretch my muscles. I know it’s good for me and makes me stronger. (Reese G4)

I like to be calm and relaxed and zen. I love learning new poses. And I want to be more healthy.  (Sienna G3)

I like to do exercises for a strong body. It calms me down when I’m upset or worried.  (Jordan G3)

I like relaxing and having fun. It relaxes me after a school-day (Milla G3)

It makes me healthy and happy. (Yolanda G5)

To learn hard poses step-by-step. I find it relaxing. And also challenging.  (Tygo G3) 

It makes me feel relaxed (Krissy G4)

My muscles get stronger, and I know it calms me down easily when I’m excited or crazy (Yuna G3)

I love yoga and I find it very relaxing. (Iona G4)


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