Science in the Mountains
Pat Roby, Head of High School Science

At the beginning of March, our Grade 11 AP IBDP physics students immersed themselves in their subject with an invigorating field trip to Wengen. The mountains provide many examples of real-life physics in action which the students were able to observe, fuelling their focus and interest. Regular physically stimulating breaks were taken to further increase the students’ productivity while on task – within the controlled learning spaces, perfectly designed for small group discussions.


Students were provided with open ended questions to address, such as ‘How could we determine the energy required to run this ski lift for a day?’, while travelling to the top of each slope. The rush back down the next slope provided the perfect mental nourishment for the subsequent line of thought or problem to be solved. The physically exhausting day then moved into the second phase after dinner, where their ideas could be applied and practised.

Our whole year 1 senior physics class grappled with a host of problems to solve, all connected to the physics associated with skiing and mountains.

One takeaway, for example, will be just how much energy it uses just taking a single shower in the chalet.

Well done to all the students for their participation in this inspiring field trip.

  • Diploma Programme
  • High School
  • Outdoor learning
  • Unique Learning Experience
  • Wengen

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