Students Welcomed Back to the Zug Campus
ISZL Advancement

On Monday 11 May 2020, the International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL) began to welcome our students back to Zug Campus. We hope parents, students and staff felt informed and ready for the next stage in this extraordinary year. As we made our final preparations, we have had a number of online meetings to share plans and to answer questions. 

Our Leadership Team and the ISZL Board have carefully considered how to balance the safeguarding of the health of our students, staff, and families with our community’s educational needs. Our Reopening Plan acknowledges the importance of student-to-staff contact and students’ peer-to-peer contacts while being clear about the fact we are still in the midst of a pandemic and need to mitigate risks to the extent this is possible. To that end, the following are the four key principles that will guide the reopening of ISZL’s campuses: 

Health, Wellness and Safety are our Priority 

Further to adhering to the Federal and Cantonal guidelines regarding hygiene measures, we have also taken into account the need for appropriate physical distancing measures. What has been one of our strengths - a campus designed to bring people together - now presents a challenge. As we make plans, we are prioritising physical distancing and “bubble” consistency. 

Our Continuity of Learning Plan Anchors Us 

Our Continuity of Learning Plan (which sets out how our At-Home Learning is delivered) is working very well, with both parent and student surveys conveying a high degree of satisfaction. The anchoring of our reopening plan to the Continuity of Learning Plan will ensure an uninterrupted learning program and structure for those staff and students who are under quarantine or are self-isolating due to personal or family health risks, and will not be able to return to campus at this time. 

Reopening Plan needs to be Flexible and Adaptable 

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have all been required to adapt and change quickly and regularly. Our reopening plan is designed so that we can respond rapidly to changing circumstances. Based on our learning from other schools around the world that have already returned to campus, our reopening plan is designed to accommodate a continuous change in student and staff attendance. 

Families have a Choice 

If families choose not to return to campus at this time, then the Continuity of Learning Plan (and At-Home Learning) continues and can be accessed five days a week.

To learn more about ISZL's response to COVID-19, please visit our Continuity of Learning Plan webpage.


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