Teachers as Researchers & Learners
Jacob Martin, Director of Teaching & Learning

As this is the last newsletter of the year I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on one part of the school which is often less visible to the wider community beyond the teaching staff. As well as asking all of our students to be active and engaged learners; the same expectation is extended to our faculty.

ISZL prides itself on being a learning institution and this takes several forms. The teachers and leaders in the school are all involved in professional development which is often self-directed and connected closely to current educational research. All teachers are also involved in professional learning communities which allow teachers to explore a current area of pedagogy in groups with a shared goal. This involves them again engaging in research and learning to develop their own practice but as a collaborative group.

As well as these examples we also have a number of members of the faculty who are researching as part of post graduate study at Institutions all over the world. At this moment in ISZL we have nine teachers in the middle of Masters programmes and five who are engaged in doctoral research in the field of education.

In order for ISZL and its programmes to remain current, engaging and effective we strongly believe that this is an important aspect of continuous school improvement. As well as university collaborations we have teachers who are also engaged with the assessment bodies that the school is connected to. A number of teachers also work as consultants for the International Baccalaureate organization and also for the Council of International Schools. These teachers are involved in producing support materials for the wider IB teaching community as well as delivering training and support for teachers in other international schools in the region.

An example of this would be the two-year ongoing collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the IB working to develop a new pedagogy which will be central to the IB programmes moving forward.

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