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The 2019 Careers Fair
By Laura Schoepfer, Head of Admissions & Marketing

ISZL’s 6th annual Careers Fair was a great success, with over 40 different professionals generously volunteering their precious Saturday morning to provide our High School students with a window into the future. Many of the professionals taking part came from our own community and included current parents, alumni parents, alumni students and staff members. Also represented were our corporate and other external stakeholder groups, which added another interesting dynamic to the event. Professions represented included law, hospitality, finance, pharma, fashion, design, technology, marketing, photography, medical, dentistry, logistics, procurement, aeronautical engineering, entrepreneurship, psychology, health science, teaching and life coaching. Students and professionals alike enjoyed stimulating and thought-provoking conversations focusing on potential career pathways, the skills and attributes needed to be successful in their given profession, what the future might look like in those industries, and how to connect these important topics to the students' current learning environment. Some of the students were able to secure themselves valuable follow up, in the form of a short internship, a shadow day or an email address for future contact. At the end of the morning, delegates and students alike reflected on the importance of connecting education to the workplace and the value of sharing knowledge and experience.


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