The Careers Fair: A Community Partnership
Philip Bruce, High School Assistant Principal (Academic)

On a particularly beautiful, crisp Saturday morning at the High School campus, over fifty professionals from the local community and more than a hundred students from Middle and High School attended ISZL’s fifth annual Careers Fair.

While schools serve diverse purposes - from nurturing esoteric academic passions to shaping a child’s character - one essential facet is to prepare students to be empowered stewards of our future. And, that means, one day, whether they like it or not, they’re going to need to find gainful employment! The Careers Fair is just one opportunity offered at ISZL to bring them one step nearer this.

As such, the fair is an opportunity for students to network with experts in their chosen fields to understand that little bit more about life outside of the classroom. The guest list was formidable - entrepreneurs, chemical engineers, teachers, architects, doctors, lawyers, archeologists, chefs, IT specialists, the list goes on. All students left a little bit wiser, with greater awareness of the fields in which they might be developing an interest and, in some cases, with more understanding of what they would like to avoid.

Beyond student learning, the fair is also a testament to the vibrancy of the community connections that exist at ISZL. As is so frequently the case with any successful undertaking, it was only through a significant team effort that the event was possible. In this light, some thank yous are in order.

Thank you to the community of professionals who volunteered their time and expertise so freely. Thank you to the members of the PA who welcomed them. Thank you to the students that took a risk to step forward, wake up early and grasp the opportunity offered them. Thank you to the site staff who set up the gym. Thank you to the teachers who came to mentor the students. Thank you to the Community Relations team for coordinating all the various moving pieces.

And, special thanks must go to Elke Landon for her tireless efforts in bringing the event together, an event requiring equal parts persuasiveness, doggedness, flair and good humour. Sadly, it’s my understanding that this will be her last time putting this event together - she leaves a significant legacy behind her. Thank you Elke!



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