The Fund For Excellence Supporting the Visual Arts
Karen Richardson, Visual Arts Teacher & Primary Arts Team Leader

Within the Arts curriculum this year we have been very fortunate to benefit from the Fund for Excellence. Projects and initiatives have enabled us to enhance the students' learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom across the curriculum from the Performing to the Visual Arts.

Students have experienced live theatre and drama workshops organised by Kirsty Kelly. Early Years students have a newly built stage for music and drama constructed in the Early Childhood outdoor learning area coordinated by Kat Bauer.

The Arts room space is used primarily for the Visual Arts and also for Drama and Music, and it has been refitted with new furniture that I have been excited to plan. At ISZL we believe that flexible resource rich environments are essential to our learning programme. Such spaces provide different opportunities for our students to work individually and to collaborate with peers. Stimulating environments nurture children’s creativity and well-organised spaces support self-management and independence in our students. Indeed, the Arts room refit has made a big impression in terms of student experience and learning contexts.

Many of our students have commented on how the Arts room now looks and feels like a ‘real art studio’. Comprising of 3 large trestle tables and 25 stools, all height adjustable, 2 plan chest paper storage drawers and an industrial designed drying art rack, our learning space has been fully maximised to support Visual Art sessions. Our new furniture allows for the better organisation and care of materials, whilst the tables and stools allow for flexible spaces for group and individual project work. It is so pleasing to see student enthusiasm as they enter the room, the stools and the benches are quite a novelty and they definitely like working in our remodelled space. The Fund for Excellence has had a huge impact on the Visual arts programme. Students are enjoying themselves as artists and designers in the ‘Art Studio.’

Here are some recent photographs of our students in action in the Arts room. The photos illustrate how our new environment helps to foster and facilitate creativity. In recent projects Grade 4 students have been designing advertising posters, logos and flags for their trade fair stands. Banners and posters can be seen stretched along the tables with students gathered around, pencils, brushes, pens and scissors in hand ready to get imaginative with advertising. Grade 1 students have been studying plants representing their still life observations in drawings, paintings and clay tile work. Students in grade 3 explored a variety of media, developing painting and drawing techniques through the genre of still life. The photos reflect how deeply the students are engaged in the drawing process. Art and Design club students have also taken advantage of our new studio style layout, when working on construction projects from recycled materials.


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