The Grade 7 Science Slip and Slide

The Grade 7 Science Slip and Slide
Nicholas C

As part of the High School work experience programme, Nicholas C came to work with us in the Communications and Marketing Office for a week. Here, he reports on a Middle School science investigation which took full advantage of the Swiss summer weather

A grade 7 student slides along the plastic runway as students watch and record his progress


As the sun came out towards the end of the summer term, our science department planned the ultimate end of year activity for Grade 7 students - a slip and slide lab.

The lab was a formative assessment to practise lab skills and apply the knowledge of forces. Students learned about Newton’s three laws and friction and had to apply them to the slip and slide situation.

With some guideline instructions and a clear goal in mind, the students had to design their own experiment with their own independent variables, such as when they started running, how they slid, and even what they wore. 

Although some of the ISZL students seemed to not slide very far, a couple of students who had clearly been cultivating their skills all year for this particular situation managed to conquer the slip and slide and flew an entire 20 metres all the way onto the grass.

The students managed to finish all their trials with smiles on their faces, a clear commemoration of the successful year and a good omen for their upcoming final year of Middle School. 

After finishing their trials the Grade 7s slid a couple more times, before returning to their classrooms to process, assess, and finalise their findings.

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