The Importance of Your Participation
Corinne Corrigan & Ashley Ringger, The Development Team

Was your child inspired by the live theatre company workshop and performance of “A Pocketful of Grimms”? Perhaps your Middle School student heard renowned author Jordan Sonnenblick speak and now wants to be a writer. Has your child come home and explained how Virtual Reality has given him/her a different perspective on a topic? Have you had conversations with your High School student about sustainability, food chains and ecosystems?

Middle Schoolers with visiting author Jordan Sonnenblick


Zug Campus students learn using Virtual Reality


The sustainable farming aquaponics tank at the High School

If you can say “yes” to any of these questions (and others), then your child benefitted from a project funded by the Fund for Excellence (FFE), ISZL’s annual fund. You can show your appreciation for the teachers and staff who created those projects at ISZL by making a contribution to the FFE.

Join the 71 donors so far to the FFE so far by making a tax-deductible gift today. The size of the gift doesn’t matter; your participation does.

Amazing things happen when we all come together to support the teachers and staff at ISZL. Please show your gratitude for the education and experience your child has received this past school year by making a donation to the Fund for Excellence, today.

Thank you.

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