The Middle School Poetry Competition
The Middle School Language and Literature Department

On February 22 the Middle School celebrated its 10th annual poetry competition. This year the theme was 'Messages'. Just like in the previous nine competitions all students entered a poem of at least eight lines. Criteria included original voice, use of words and techniques, imagery, and relating to the theme. There were ten students from each grade shortlisted. All students received a framed certificate. The top three in each grade received a gift certificate from the bookstore, Orell Füssli.

First place for Grade 6 was Tiggsy S, Grade 7 was Noelle S and Grade 8 was Taira S. The overall grand prize came from the first place finishers in each grade, and this year Taira Schurman from Grade 8 was our winner. Congratulations to all students.

You can read the winning poems from each Grade here:


My Grandparents are learning to Facetime
By Tiggsy S, Grade 6

I want to tell you a tale
It won’t take very long
It happens without fail
And will probably go on and on
I’ve tried to give them lessons
But it doesn’t really go in
Because my Grandparents are learning to Facetime
And it’s got them in a proper spin. 

Sometimes it’s a cupboard
Sometimes just the wall
Sometimes a bit their glasses
Sometimes nothing at all
Sometimes there's just one of them
Sometimes you see the floor
But best of all was when we saw 20 minutes of the man next door!

But whichever bit we see of them
Whatever bit we hear
These funny messages from Wales to Switzerland
Always fill us with cheer


It’s Not Fair
By  Noelle S, Grade 7

Tell me it’s fair
That you don’t care
About the women that bear
Your children.

Tell me it’s fine
To tell a girl “You’re mine.”
To treat her like an object
Not care about the pain you inflict.

Tell me it’s acceptable
To treat your wife like she’s dull.
Nothing but a maid
To clean the mess you made.

Tell me it’s good
To not give her the chance
That you should.
Instead let arrogant men
Sit around in their white house.
Acting like they’re superheroes.

Tell me it’s okay
To not do anything about
The hardships we face everyday.
So let’s pray to the lord that has created us equally
That we will finally get the chances we need.

Now we have gotten the chances we need
To be treated fairly
And have the resources we must
To rule the world
Acting like we’re superheroes.


By Taira S, Grade 8

Years ago when days were dark
We’d walk for miles to see those we love.
Or we’d write words in cursive letters,
And stamp it with care.

`In the past when times were cold,
We’d patiently wait for an envelope.
And we’d cherish each moment for a little while longer.
For only God knew if you’d talk together once again.

Currently we insult and boast in front of thousands,
But we cower face to face.
We’d rather type now,
And apologize later.

Today a simple ‘hey’ could mean anything,
But a ‘sorry’ couldn’t mean less.
And a few hundred texts from strangers,
Is more valuable than one from a friend.

Nowadays we sit together,
But we couldn’t be more alone.
We look down oblivious to others around us.
Oh how far we’ve  come.


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