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The Rabbit Hole
By Doga U, Grade 11 Student

The Rabbit Hole is ISZL´s very first zine and it is completely by students, for students. The Rabbit Hole offers students a platform to present their writing and artwork of any kind. Each issue includes poetry, short stories, illustrations, photography and drawings and they all aim to promote expression within our community, as well as embracing the creativity and the artistic abilities of the students.

So far, there have been two issues of the Rabbit Hole, and they will continue to come out on a quarterly basis, typically prior to breaks. The entire zine is made up of the work of the students, which we collect during the time we have between the release dates of the different issues. We encourage students to send in their work to us, either through an email, by adding to an online dropbox, or by dropping it in the box that we have made for the Rabbit Hole, and have placed in front of the school library.

Once the collecting period is over for that particular issue, we will spend time printing multiple copies of it and putting it together with the help of cutters, glue sticks and staplers. After making enough copies of the issue, we distribute it around the school in various ways including leaving some copies in the bathroom stalls and hanging a shoe box full of zines, off of the ceiling, using dental floss.

The Rabbit Hole is ISZL´s student-initiated zine which aims to embrace and promote the creativity and the expression of the students. The first two issues have had lots of positive reception and we are looking forward to the upcoming issues.


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