The Summer Reading Challenge
Elizabeth Meeks, Zug Library Team Leader & Teacher Librarian Grades 3-8

Summer is coming up fast and for many that means relaxing with a good book, whether travelling or enjoying the sunshine of Switzerland. The Zug Campus Library is again sponsoring a Summer Reading Challenge. We are inviting all community members to get involved and take part in the reading challenge: parents, students, and staff!

Reading over the summer, whether it is families reading together or students reading independently, has consistently shown to have a positive correlation in the growth of language and vocabulary skills. The benefits of participating in summer reading programmes are numerous and positively impact those that participate - young and old alike. We want to tap into that by offering ISZL’s summer reading programme to the whole community, allowing parents and staff to model great reading habits and encourage a love of reading to all students. Summer reading is more than just reading for an allotted number of hours, it is about getting into the habit of reading for pleasure, not just the work of school.

Allowing free choice of reading materials increases reading confidence and enjoyment. To support this, the library will be open the last week of term for families to borrow materials for the summer. We encourage your family to stop by and select some great books from the collection.

It can be difficult to travel with the weight of books, so why not try one of the many online book resources instead. Reading on a Kindle, Nook or a physical book still allows everyone to enjoy amazing stories. Check out the following non-traditional ways to access books:

Tumble Book Cloud: an online collection of eBooks, enhanced novels, graphic novels, videos and audiobooks, which offers students and adults of all reading levels access to an amazing range of content (Username: iszl Password: login)

Tumble Book Library: an amazing online collection of beautiful picture eBooks, early chapter books and novels by celebrated authors (Username: iszl Password: login)

BookFlix: an exciting online literacy resource that pairs interactive, fictional, video storybooks with related non-fiction eBooks (Username: zugluzern Password: bookflix)

TrueFlix: an online, 100% nonfiction literacy resource that leverages Scholastic’s award-winning True Book series with related video content (Username: zugluzern Password: bookflix)

We have a growing selection of digital audiobooks, too. These all can be accessed free via the Destiny Discover App (available in iTunes). This amazing collection of digital audiobooks is growing all the time. Listening to audiobooks is a wonderful way to hear the pronunciation of difficult vocabulary and the inflection of sentences being read with fluency. We encourage our older students to put this App on their smart device as it is like having a library in your pocket. To access this audiobook collection, just stop by the library to set up your unique password.

We believe strongly in the power of reading and encourage all community members to participate in this Summer Reading Challenge. It is a simple and easy way to showcase what a community of readers we have here at ISZL. To participate, select your preferred game-board from the list at the end of this article. Read any kind of material (novels, comics, graphic novels, audiobooks, non-fiction, magazines, books in any language, etc.). Colour in the game-board as you read and feel free to fill in as many game boards as you would like. Return the game-boards to the Zug Campus Library in August and then come celebrate at the Summer Reading Community Celebration on Friday, August 31st  after school in the Theatre Foyer. There will be some light food and drink but the focus again this year is to celebrate reading in the community.

As you read this summer we would love to have families share photos of their summer reading experience - just send them to ISZL truly reads all around the world and we would love to celebrate this! Feel free to send in as many photos as you would like. We will showcase summer reading photos at an assembly and on the electronic display in the library. You can check out last summer's reading fun here.

ISZL’s Summer Reading game boards downloads. Print as many as you like!

Reading Board

Bingo Board 1

Bingo Board 2


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