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The Value of Your Participation
From the Advancement Office

Was your child inspired by the Youth Forum Switzerland? Perhaps your Primary Schooler heard illustrator Paul Geraghty speak and now wants to be an artist. Has your Middle School student demonstrated ‘Inspiring Mathematical Thinking’ by performing a card trick, constructing dodecahedrons through paper folding or exploring the fascinating world of unsolved problems? Did your High School student have a work of art in the IB Arts Exhibition that was professionally lit by the new lights in the Art Factory? 

The inspirational Youth Forum Switzerland 2019

Visiting illustrator Paul Geraghty speaks to Primary School students

Middle Schoolers at the 'Inspiring Mathematical Thinking' event

If you can say “yes” to any of these questions (and others), then your child benefitted from a project funded by the Fund for Excellence (FFE), ISZL’s annual fund. You can show your appreciation for the teachers and staff who created those projects at ISZL by making a contribution to the FFE.

Join the 68 donors so far to the FFE so far by making a tax-deductible gift today. The size of the gift doesn’t matter; your participation does.

Amazing things happen when we all come together to support the teachers and staff at ISZL. Please show your gratitude for the education and experience your child has received this past school year by making a donation to the Fund for Excellence, today.

Thank you.

Corinne Corrigan, Head of Development


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