Visual Arts on Show
Ole Wasner, Director of Arts & Karen Richardson, Primary Arts Team Leader

The month of March presented many opportunities to celebrate the artistic self-expression and skills of our students in the Arts, and none more so than two impressive visual art exhibitions that took place just before the break.

The Primary School Art Show

By Karen Richardson, Primary Arts Team Leader

Our Primary School students had an opportunity to share the fruits of their artwork in the annual visual arts exhibition. Reflecting student creativity and imagination, a variety of art pieces including self-portraits, printing, watercolour compositions, clay pottery and traditional crafts were on display.

Focusing on art and design throughout the recent decades from the 1950’s to the present day, Grade 2 students experimented with different painting techniques inspired by the works of Jackson Pollock, David Hockney and Damien Hirst. Students also explored the processes of traditional crafts making, creating colourful textile designs such as sewing, weaving, finger knitting and clay pinch pot pottery.

Focusing on the concept of the self-portrait Grade 3 students have learned how to draw and represent themselves accurately. Students were introduced to a grid system technique learning how to scale their image up from A5 to A3. Students also developed skills in colour mixing, blending and shading using pencil and watercolour. Each and every portrait reflected their personality and growing drawing styles.

Grade 4 students developed their understandings of composition to create animal landscape paintings. Students researched a number of images, creating preparatory sketches that would later be used in their final composition. Students further developed their drawing skills, sketching techniques, use of watercolour and graphite medium. A rich variety of animal life was represented from the four corners of the world including oceans, jungles, deserts, forests and the poles.

Grade 5 students investigated aspects of the human body through the visual arts. Students were introduced to themes of observational drawing and figure drawing. Students used a variety of techniques to create accuracy, proportion and a sense of realism in their detailed and characterful graphite sketches.


The Grade 12 IB Art Exhibition

By Ole Wasner, Director of Arts

The final show for the final year IB Diploma students took place in the Arts Factory at the High School from mid March to mid April. The artwork on display was an impressive collection that the 8 talented students have worked over the last 2 years to produce, and was comprised of very creative and thought provoking art, including drawings, paintings, photography, digital media and sculpture.

The exhibition opened on 21st March with the artists presenting their work to the audience, and explaining the inspiration behind it.

One student, Chris, presented a body of work as a commentary on Indian culture and traditions inspired by his visit to India during Personal Development Week. The picture here shows ‘The Three Dancers’, a painting that explores a traditional dance from the region of Odisha. He explained that he “strived to create movement in [his] artwork” in order to capture the energy and motion of the performance he witnessed.

Another artist, Ioanna, drew on her personal background and sense of identity to comment on the current social and political situation in Greece. You can see the powerful results in these pieces created using charcoal and chalk.

Personally, I very much enjoyed how eloquently and enthusiastically these students were able to explain their artwork, and to talk about the themes they were exploring and the creative process that let them to produce such fascinating art. Congratulations to our Seniors for an outstanding show.

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