Welcome Back to Festive Shop!

Joanna Cull

A much-loved tradition returns to ISZL

An ISZL student pays for her Festive Shop gifts

There was huge excitement among our Primary students the week beginning 29 November, as the ISZL Festive Shop returned to campus.

Cancelled in 2020 (and let’s face it, what wasn’t?) ISZL and the Parents’ Association have worked hard this year to make sure there was a safe environment for students and parent volunteers alike. 

The shop is stocked with donations from our community, which are checked over and beautifully arranged in the Kellar, sorted by likely recipients. The sorting of donations is a huge job for the Parents’ Association, which runs the shop for the school. 

Classes have their own time slot for the shop, where teachers lead students down to the Kellar. Parents are asked to supply CHF2 for every family member. Students can then make their own choices for gifts for their immediate family, which are bought, then wrapped and labelled for them by parent volunteers in festive costumes. All proceeds go to the charity Nawa Asha Griha (NAG).

The parent “elves” were fully Covid certificated and masked, and children who have arrived since the last Festive Shop in 2019 were surprised and delighted by the array of gifts for their families. For students who remember the shop, its return was greeted with delight. It is very special for younger students to be able to buy something for their parents which will be a complete surprise (although for our youngest shoppers, whether the secret is able to be kept remains to be seen!).

Parent volunteer Darin said, “it’s nice to see that the children are so excited with what  they’ve picked out and how excited they are to show us what it is. For most children this is the first time they will ever have had the chance to pick out a gift for their family on their own. A friend of mine said the gift they got from the Festive Shop in a previous year was one of the favourite items that they got that Christmas”. 


Children look round the Festive Shop as their teacher chats to a PA representative


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