Who we are at ISZL

Who we are at ISZL
Dr Lorna Caputo-Greenall

ISZL is a global International Baccalaureate School, with students from a range of countries. Our First Language Coordinator and Head of the ISZL Multilingual Academy, Dr Lorna Caputo-Greenall, reviews our 2022-23 intake. 

International Day flag parade, May 2022

The flag parade at International Day, an annual highlight in the school calendar


As the academic year settles down, one of the great pleasures of each year is to review who we are as a school community, and see just how far around the world our international school reaches. 

This year, ISZL comprises 65 nationalities, which are listed here:

List of nationalities at ISZL

The largest country group for us is British (16.9%), followed by American (12.2%) and German (7.8%). Our Swiss students make up 6.3% of students, followed by Dutch and French (both 4.6%). 

Most of our students hold one nationality (68%) but 31% hold two, and 1% of students hold three nationalities. 

Our students speak 47 languages, listed here:

Languages at ISZL, 2022-23

25% of our students have two or more home languages. The following languages are spoken in every grade in the school - Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.


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